Thought of Being a Gangster in Your life? Look at These Gangsters and Their Cool Lifestyles

Each one of us will accept that somewhere in our childhood, we have thought of being a gangster or how cool their life might be. At that point, we didn’t know how dangerous it is to live like a gangster, but in the end, we do have to admit that their lifestyle is also cool. These men are known for introducing a new term to the world, i.e., “Organised Crime”.

Whether it is a politician or a superstar, everyone afraid of the name of these gangsters, sometimes the list also includes the cops. When it comes to bribing or protection money, these are the men that have introduced this term to everyone.

You might have seen these names as movie characters, but movies don’t really do justice to these gangsters. We have chosen these 8 most famous names throughout the history and their cool lifestyles which will make you think, what if you would have chosen gangster as a profession?

1. Al Capone, Net worth $1.3 Billion

He was not only known by the name of Capone. He was also famous to be known as ‘Scarface’. He dedicated his life to smuggling liquor, prostitution, and murders. His crime career originated when he attacked his female teacher at the age of fourteen. From there on there was no stopping for Capone, in his wish to be the best. He always loved being at the number one position and resorted to any means of violence to hold onto that position. His worth has a valuation of $ 1.3 billion as of today. He may have died in 1947, but still, he is counted unarguably as one of the most dangerous gangsters in the world.

2. Pablo Escobar, Net Worth $ 30 Billion

With a net worth of over $ 30 billion, Pablo Escobar was titled as the Drug Lord. The leader of most powerful and feared criminal organizations, he was responsible for killing more than 4,000 people. The list includes judges, Police, journalists and government officials. Escobar’s troops were responsible for transporting 80 percent cocaine to the United States. His Business was so big that in addition to planes, helicopters, cars, trucks, and boats, he also used personal submarines for transporting cocaine into the US.

3. Dawood Ibrahim, Net Worth $ 6.7 Billion


How can a list complete without the name of an Indian? We think that Dawood Ibrahim took the statement “Indians have the potential to top in every field” quite serious. Popularly known as the bhai or Don, this man is known to be the mastermind behind the Mumbai blasts of 1993. Dawood is the only gangster who has made to be in the list of the ones who are still alive. Wanted by almost all federal agencies in the world, this man is also known to have links with al-Qaeda and personal contacts with Osama-Bin-Laden.

4. Osama-Bin-Laden, Net Worth $ 50 Million

If you don’t remember this guy, watch the Bollywood movies, Tere Bin Laden. Okay may be watching that movie will be an insult to the soul of this guy. This guy is known to be the mastermind behind the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon in 2001. He was put down by the US Navy SEALS in 2011. But he was not only known for the crime, he was also known to be an expert in the field of missiles and technology. No one has ever seen a terrorist with that much of knowledge and expertise.

5. Frank Costello, Net Worth $ 52 million

Ever considered calling a gangster as ” Prime Minister”? Well, this guy was known by this code name, he was one of the most popular criminals in the New York in his time.

6. Bily, the Kid

Although, he did not have that much worth as other gangsters in the list had, however in a recent auction, his photograph was sold for more than $ 3 million. He was known by this name because of the murder that he did at the age of 18, and from then he continued to be a criminal. He killed more than 40 people within a short span of time. He made to this list because of his anger and the style of killing that even at that age.

7.  Tiger Memon

Ever seen the chasing scene between cops and the gangsters? May be our directors got inspiration from Tiger Memon. The reason he got this nickname was that he left the police way behind in a car chase by driving at the speed over 100 km/hr that too on a one-way road. Along with the Dawood, his name is also remembered when 1993 Mumbai attacks are remembered. He banged his head into one of the Customs Officer’s face when they asked him to surrender the smuggled gold. He was sentenced to death on 30 July 2015.


But, no matter how gloriously these gangsters or any other gangster out there may have portrayed their lives, they are bound to live in misery. Their roots ended for a good cause, and those are yet to be ended, will soon face the justice. So, in a way, even though one might think about becoming a gangster but these stories teach us a major lesson that  ‘Why one shouldn’t mess around with the law and live life peacefully’.


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