The Creepiest Ever Glitch-In-The-Matrix Moments People Have Experienced

Call it a deja vu or a Glitch in the Matrix, many of us have experienced something that can not be proved, but they have taken place. Moments which are not ordinary, in some cases creepy like hell, but are worth sharing.

A lot of people have shared their incidents on the web, but we have gathered some of them which are probably the best and the creepiest at the same time. Have a look at your own and then decide.

Weird Nightmares

Everday we see a dream when we close our eyes but have you ever considered, what if that dream becomes true the very next day when you wake up? You will be shocked and for sure won’t know what happened and how to react in that situation.

Not sure how a person will react in such a situation. That’s what happened with this girl, and she didn’t know how to respond. Read her full story.


A Lady who was faster than a train

This one is an extraordinary experience and strange at the same time we have collected. Can not be ignored and denied as well, but the only question that pops up in mind is, How the hell she did that?

Ever Tried to set up a whole building full of customers in just 30 seconds? Well, This couple experienced that!

Never take an unusual pathway

May be the director of the movie “Inception” have read this experience and he had got the idea to make a movie out of it.

Ever thought of doing a Time Travel? This guy literally did that, well that’s what he is saying in his lucid dreams.

A Message That Went Wrong


There must be some of the similar experiences that you might have either heard or experienced.

Share those memories with us in the comment section.


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