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10 Ways Your Boss Kills Your Motivation

Getting motivated by your peers and boss in an organization not only provides a boost in morale but also it urges your from inside to showcase your talent further. But what if your that boss becomes the reason behind all your sorrows? 

Here is a list of ways that you should keep in your mind or should be aware of, how your boss may or even right now trying to kill your motivation:

1. Your Boss orders you to Micromanage even though you know nothing

2. Your Boss Focus Only On Mistakes

3. Your Ideas get Dismissed Everytime

4. Your Boss Don’t Keep his/her Word

5. Your Boss Make Empty Promises

6. Your Boss Tell Inappropriate Jokes

7. Your time is wasted by Holding Useless Meetings

“champagne shower!”

8. Your Boss Wrongly Measures Your Success

9. You Have to go with the Unrealistic Deadlines

10. Your Boss Pick Favorites


After all these kind of situations, we bet you must have a feeling like this…

Let us know what your boss does with you in the comment section!

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