11 Objects That Truly Exist and Are Cursed

There has been an enormous debate on the existence of dark magic in real life, but according to science, there is no existence of such thing. The society has been divided into two parts, one who believes in the dark magic and the other who don’t. Believe it or not but it does exist, and there are a lot of proofs that clear the existence of dark magic.

There has been a profound secret behind these objects which are cursed but they do exist, and they have harmed a lot of people. What if you get to know that you can purchase these objects? Would you like to buy a one? People love reading about cursed objects, and it has always been a favorite topic for people who are interested in dark magic. You may or may not believe in these things but according to some people, they exist, and they are cursed. The cursed objects always have a hidden story and the truth behind it and the more you dig in, the more you will start believing it. In this article, we have listed some of the spookiest and cursed objects that exist in this world. You can even purchase some of these objects, would you dare to buy these cursed objects?

Decide on your own after reading about these stories and their present whereabout

1. The Possessed Doll- “Annabelle.”

Founded in a shop in 1970, the doll was gifted to a friend by someone, and then the strange things were recorded. Appearances were sighted in different places where the doll was not put in. After a few days, doll started to attack the house residents. Finally, the doll was locked in a museum cabinet by the renowned psychic investigator, Ed, and Lorraine Warren. Even today the cabinet remains unopened with a note in the front to not to open it.

2. Myrtles Plantation’s  Cursed Mirror

Considered as one of the haunted places in the world, the Mirror is known as the spookiest cursed object. Residents claim to see the spirits of children and her mother named Sara Woodruff in the mirror. The cause of their death was known as a poison given by a slave. If looked carefully, knees of the young girl can be seen from the images.

3. Do Not call on +359 888 888 888

Those who have the no. +359 888 888 888, died in an unexplainable way. One of them was found dead due to radioactive radiation, and the other died while having lunch on a date.

4. Sit Anywhere but not on the chair of Thomas Busby.

People are known to obsessed with their belongings but to some extent are crazy. Crazy to a level that the guy named Thomas Busby, who, before he was about to be executed, cursed his chair. From that day the number of deaths has been counted to 63. All those who sat on this chair had to pay by giving their lives.

5. Delhi Purple Sapphire

The sapphire was stolen from the Indra temple in 1857 and all those who wore it faced a lot of bad things. Colonel W. Ferris went into economic disrepair, and his friend was found dead wearing the same gem. People say that he committed suicide, but rumors are there that the curse killed him.

6. Painting which Cries

Bruni Amadio mass produced the painting and then sold it in England. The house to which this painting was sold, caught fire. When the remainings were discovered from the ashes, the only thing that was found intact was this painting.

7. The Basano Vase

Another one in the list that is considered as the scariest object cursed is the Basano Vase. The vase has been buried in a mysterious place. The vase was known to present for ages as an ancestral family property, but it was known that the curse from that vase was the reason behind the deaths of family members and the woman to whom it was gifted.

8. Even if you are an Automobile fan, don’t go for James Dean’s car

The owner of Porsche 550 Spyder, James Dean, died in a car crash just after one week of the purchase. The car hasn’t been spotted anywhere since a thief tried to steal it and then ended up ripping his arm on the steering wheel.

9. The Terracotta Army

Now a tourist attraction, the terracotta army sculpture was discovered in China accidentally during an archaeological dig. The team that excavated the army were died in their young due to the curse that it follows.

10. Koh-i-Noor Diamond

Kohinoor is not only known as one of the pride the India used to have, but it’s also said that it followed a curse when the Britishers stole it and took it back to London. The male owners of Kohinoor have known to be suffered from the curse.


There many other that are not identified but their existence can not be denied.

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