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11 Things You Get To Hear if You Are a 100% Vegetarian and your reaction to that.

Okay, admit this, once in your lifetime, you must have heard one of these things from your friends if you are a vegetarian or you must have done this if you are from the Non-Veg category.

1. Do you get Proper Nutrition? No, Because You don’t eat Non-veg, So I was Just Checking.

2.How the Fuck can you eat this green grass? You don’t know what real food you are missing.


3.Don’t you eat an egg? But the egg is vegetarian, No?

4.If you by chance have a good physique and you are a vegetarian all you get to hear is..

You must be taking steroids. No? Eating Soya bean or Cottage Cheese gives you protein?

5. What if you are stranded on an Island, and you have only Non-Veg to eat?

6. You must be a religious person, right? No, because, you eat the only veg that’s why.

7. You must be a Non-alcoholic as well as if you don’t eat Non-Veg.

8.You are eating my food’s food. You are a killer!

9. Plants give Oxygen, Why you are eating them?

10. I saw you wearing the leather jacket yesterday!

And when everything is over to complain,

11. You should be behind bars; you are the reason behind the deforestation and global warming.



No, we are not giving you reasons here to change what you eat or what you are. You should eat what you want to and let others do the same.


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