14 Famous Celebrities Who Died in a Shocking Way

We all have this myth in our mind that the celebrities live an effortless and luxurious life. From money, looks and limelight, you name it, and they have the access of all. But the myth is always far away from reality. No doubt, their life is more hectic, dangerous and demanding than what we have. We all like to watch them doing different stuff which will entertain us, and we do criticise them if something is not according to what we thought it should be. But the truth is it takes a lot of guts, hard work, technique, money and much more to shoot even a single action scene. Most of the celebrities have to go through terrible injuries to give just one shoot. And hold on, it’s not only limited to the wounds, sometimes the cost is more, their life.

Media shows the life of celebrities as an open book, but in reality, they don’t even know what is happening in their personal lives. Their life is not that transparent as we thought it is. There have been numerous times when we all were left shocked by the untimely demise of our favourite celebs.

Yes, We know there must be some common names that are popping in your mind when we say the untimely death of celebs. Chester Bennington being at the top, we have jotted down few of the names of the celebs who lost their lives, but they have made a unreplaceable place in our hearts.

1. Chester Bennington

Recently the news that shocked all was the suicide of one of the band members of Linking Park, Chester Bennington. He was found hanging in his bedroom. Although no note has been found yet, Bennington was addicted to alcohol and drugs.

2. Paul Walker

Another death news that shook the internet was the death of Paul Walker in a car accident. He was declared dead on the spot along with his friend Roger Rodas, who was driving the car.

3. Princess Diana

One of the most shocking news that flooded the television was the demise of Princess Diana, the First wife of Prince Charles. According to the locals, she died due to a car crash in a road tunnel. The main reason behind the death was cleared 11 years after her death that the accident was planned and it was a murder.

4. Michael Jackson

The Legendary Dancer and singer died due to a cardiac arrest at home. There are a number of controversies about him, some of which involve his dead body being lost from the graveyard. No matter that the legend died, but he is still remembered for his dance and unforgettable songs.

5. John Denver

The famous song composer and singer of the song ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ died in a plane crash on October 12, 1997. The crash was so severe that it was almost impossible to discover the body.

6. Jimi Hendrix

Still known for the influential electric guitarists, Jimi Hendrix death is still a mystery. According to the media, the reason for death was concluded as choking while vomiting. But the cops said that he took an overdoes of Vesparax Tablets, 18 times more than recommended limit.

7. Kurt Cobain

The singer committed suicide at his home after leaving a note for his childhood friend stating that he didn’t find the excitement in his songs and music even after years and he didn’t want to contribute to the world anymore. His body was first founded by an electrician.

8. Gulshan Kumar

The Producer and Founder of T-Series, Gulshan Kumar was assassinated outside the Jeeteshwar Mahadev Temple by Vinod Jagtap. After the Investigation, the cops declared that the reason behind assassination was professional rivalry. Now the legacy of the producer is run by her daughters.

9. Amy Winehouse

The Soul singer was found dead at her home in London due to the accidental overdose of Poisonous Alcohol.

10. Brandon Lee

The actor died on the sets while shooting for the film named ‘The Crow’.  The reason of death was confirmed as an accident after the complete investigation, and no one was accused of the death. The production for the movie stopped for several months after the actor died.

11. Robin Williams

Williams was found hanged with a belt in his house, California. The actor is also known today for the amazing stand-up comedy. Asphyxiation was confirmed as the cause of the death.

12. Divya Bharti

The famous Bollywood actress known for her amazing acting in Deewana, Vishwatma, died in hospital where she was admitted. Although the case was closed in 1998, people still today contemplate whether it’s unclear whether she died because of accidental fell from the window or it was a suicide.

13. Bruce Lee

The Multi talented star left his fans in shock with his death. The legend is not only known for his martial arts but also for film direction, and his philosophy. He still acts as a role model for many all over the world. The doctor couldn’t revive him when his brain swelled to 1575 grams. Bruce Lee was supposed to have dinner with George Lazenby, to discuss their upcoming film, but couldn’t make it.

14. Marilyn Monroe

The Famous American Actress died because of acute barbiturate poisoning. There are many controversies of her death being a murder case instead of suicide case due to the facts that were found. She is still known as the most popular culture icon for the roles she played.


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