20 Perfect Reactions when you don’t get your salary on time

You spend your entire life to earn a comfortable living for yourself and your family. You do overtime very often just to get that one message at the end of the month, “Your Salary has been credited to your account.

But what if you don’t receive this message one day? What if you don’t receive your salary, not for one month but more than that?

Yes, shit can happen with anyone. Here are the perfect reactions you have when you haven’t received your salary, and you have to face certain situations.

1. It’s first of the month, and you are are checking your phone to get that one message


2. when you receive calls from banks for pre approved credit cards on your salary account

3. When your friends ask you “Let’s Plan a weekend holiday” because they have received their salary, but they don’t know about you, and your only reply is

No thanks. I think I should spend time with my family

and it’s been a long time since I have slept for a long time.

But from inside your real reaction is Shut up. Just Shut up!


4. If it’s your birthday month, then you have to keep that hush look on your face because you can’t even afford a regular party.

5. Watching Movies on weekends in a theatre is a treat for you ( only if the tickets are already paid by your friends)

6. Street food becomes your favorite Cuisine because you can’t afford even a 2-star restaurant meal.

7. You realize the value of Local Transportation because you can not fuel your vehicle.

You know what, We should travel from the bus, It’s Awesome..


8. You avoid birthdays and parties.

I think we should break friendship so that I will not have to go to his party.

9. You start hiding or avoiding people from whom you have borrowed money.

10. You regret when you book something online and then realize you don’t have money to pay for that.

11. You always look for happy hours, so that you get free booze.

12. You start looking for places offering sale because that’s the only way you can shop.

13. If someone asks you how much you earn and did you get your salary

14. “You have no balance in your account” is the message gives you the worst hangover than the booze.

15.  You avoid office dinners to split and rush to home to eat whatever left from the morning, but your maid takes away whatever left.

16. When all your bills pop up in front of you at the same time.

I didn’t realize I spent too much

17. when another half month has passed and still your salary is not credited

18. When you have to manage your last week of the month with almost zero balance in your account.

19. You wear old clothes like a swag!

20. You start giving excuses to your bae for not giving an expensive gift.



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