10 Adorable Gestures You Should Do To Make Him/Her Feel Special And Loved!

Today even a 12-year teen is in a relationship, No, We are not going to judge anyone. But being in a relationship and just talking sweetly is not enough. For Youngsters, it’s not always about getting laid. To make that relationship, even more, stronger sometimes you have to go out of your way and do things that will make your partner special and valued.

You can think ideas on your own about what your partner will love, based on what kind of things your partner likes, or you can use one of these gestures to show your love to them.

1. Give him/her a Surprise visit for lunch at work

The best feeling ever your partner can get is you bringing lunch for them at their work place. Yes, It seems like impossible for those who have offices in different locations. But for those who can go, this should be on the bucket list. For those who stay in different cities or at distant locations, checking up on your partner if they had lunch or not is the best alternative.

2. Gift them an adorable card

Sometimes words are not enough to express your feelings. At those times, the best option you should opt for is gifting them a beautiful card. It’s okay if you’re not an artist and can’t gift a handmade one, but who can do so, should do this. That single Piece of paper will make your relationship thousand times stronger than it is.

3. Take them for a surprise movie/activity

Spend your weekend with your partner, go for a movie or any activity that interests them. Your partner wouldn’t have been this much happier. After all who doesn’t like surprises.

4. Greet them with a rose or a trail of rose petals

Just imagine for once the reaction of your partner when you greet them with a rose, if possible, with a trail of roses. Imagined? We are sure now this gesture will be at the top of your list. A rose trail or even a single rose can vanish all tiredness and woes.

5. Write him/her a letter.

Writing/Mailing a letter to your partner will not only make your relationship stronger, but you will also have the pile of memories to remember for the rest of life.

6. Secretly record a message on their phone and ask them to listen when you are not with them.

Even though today you can just send the recordings through apps, but the craziness in recording a message on your partner phone will make them value you more.

7. Dedicate them a song

Expressing your feelings with a song is the best option that sometimes even your tongue can’t do. So use songs to show your love. If possible, sing a one, which will make them feel like heaven.

8. Just Say it whenever you feel something

It doesn’t matter if there is a tension between you both, just say whatever you feel. Not only it will clear things out but also you can show how much you care for them and want things to be perfect and good.

9. Make a joke, even if they are not in a good mood.

Efforts like these can change your partner’s mood in seconds. It will work to alleviate the stress and a much better level of comfort will be there. Also, they will get the feeling that no matter whatever the situation is you are going to be with them forever.

10. Flirt with your partner in front of others

Who doesn’t like to be impressed in front of others? So, flirt with them in front of others. It’s one of those gestures that will make them go aww.

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