Apple’s New Advertising Campaign is Trolling Android Users Very Well

Let’s not even start this debate on the awesomeness of iPhone and other products from Apple as well. Everybody knows, iPhone is just not like just another smartphone, it defines status. Though Apple has already set a benchmark in the tech world, still every year the company tends to come up with something that makes them stay at the top in the list.

No, It’s Not Just Another Name!

Currently, the management is not satisfied with the stats of users and have decided to increase that numbers ASAP. While the company is all set to celebrate its 10th anniversary, they have decided to make this celebration, even more, bigger by targeting the android users to shift to iOS.

Also, the market value of Apple has recorded the highest boom in 2017. Many other brand smartphone users have been willing to switch to the iOS, due to its new advance Tech and performance. Could there be any other good news on 10th anniversary for the tech giants?


Not only the new ad for iphone7 has been launched but also Apple has come up with 8 short videos. that will give you the perfect reason to switch to iOS. The ideology behind these videos is to allure and grab the onlooker’s attention.

Videos focus on the silent features of iPhone 7 and 7s, privacy, superior performance, camera quality and ease to shift things from Android to iOS.

Here are the new Ads of Apple that one should not miss.


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