Getting Bored in Office? Check Out these platforms to pass your time

Let’s accept this, we all have been there when we don’t have either that much work in office or we are so bored of the work given to us that we want a break. ( If you’re reading this from office, you must be having one of these situations)


It’s not only important but also necessary for the human brain to be diverted from a particular kind of work. It keeps you focused as well as it also helps you to look at other things. However, we all tend to ignore this no matter how much we need these kinds of short breaks. Even if we have days when the workload on our shoulders is low, we don’t want to shift our focus from that screen, to avoid any problems from the boss. But taking some time to do things unrelated to work may improve your mental health.

Most Companies now have made this mandatory for the employees to take short breaks and divert the minds to somewhere else. Even there are various companies who have started to build their offices in a way that it keeps employees active. But not all are that fortunate, so for those who still struggle to find out what to do in their bore time in office without even moving from chairs, here are few platforms that you can go. Because it’s not like your boss will have the ass to come to you and say ” You can take your day off for today if you are feeling bored.”


These Platforms will not only help you pass your time but also with the immense amount of knowledge they will help you to be more focused and passionate towards your work.

1. Reddit

Reddit is from one of those platforms which are not used to its best. Reddit has the option to find particular sub-Reddit groups in which you can start a discussion or look what other people are talking about. And you can upvote something you like. Reddit is a platform where you can spend time more than what you do on Facebook.

2. Giphy

Are you a GIF images fan? Well, We are, and you can see that in our posts and even in this one. We like to search for the gifs for every suitable situation, and that’s how you can consider we pass our time. You can also find gifs on any topic you like, and then, share it with your friends on almost every platform you would like to.

3. Instagram

Instagram can act as one of the most entertaining platforms for a person who is already bored from long data sets and sheets. Apart from your friends update you can also search what other pages are posting and what is trending with lots of funny videos, memes, gifs, etc.


People consider tumble as a platform for sharing their blogs only and to generate traffic. That traffic is those people who know how fun it is to spend time on tumblr. You can share images, videos, and blogs and even schedule them for later posting or tag them so that you can read later. Facilities like these make this platform a must visit to pass the time in office.

5. Pinterest

No, you will not just find some random infographics on Pinterest. You can find almost every topic of your choice in the form of images and lots of information to read.

6. Youtube

How can youtube not top the list? It’s the Best Online Platform to pass your bore time. Be it your favorite daily soap, fitness trainer, song or movie, and almost everything is on youtube today. According to a survey by google, youtube will be the most viewing platform by 2020. Almost 80 % traffic is going to be online for videos. You can easily offline your videos and watch them in your bore time at the office. There are various channels which you can subscribe to, and they will never let you down regarding entertainment.


These are not the only platforms to spend time but for sure these are the one with most information to keep you busy and entertained in your free time at the office, and your boss will not be annoyed that you are not at your seat.

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