Ever thought your boss can be a Psychopath? Spot these signs to know

We all have heard or read the term ‘Psychopath,’ also we have seen it in the films or TV shows but what if you are surrounded by a one? What if that one is your boss? You don’t even realize that you are not even surrounded but also led and ordered by a psychopath who is in front of you 9 hours every day.

Okay, we admit that all psychopaths are not murderous and they are not that weird to be easily spotted. In fact, they are just like you and me, more common more subtle may be more than us.

According to the thoughts of David Gillespie from his new book ‘ Taming Toxing People,’ he has tried to pen down what could be the possible ways to identify and deal with psychopaths at work or home.

If your boss indulges in workplace bullying or engages in activities such as blaming others for the things to go wrong or he/she has a behavior to make fun of employees, may be lying or being deceptive also than your boss could be called a psychopath.

Behaviors such like these not only just frustrates the employees but also lead to poorer performance, unnecessary conflicts at home and emotional distress.

You may be thinking that this kind of normal problems can be found in each individual in the corporate world. True, but excessiveness of any thing leads to harmful results, so do with these problems.

We have researched and found out the ways through which you can spot a psychopath


A person with the psychopathic disorder will lie always. No matter what the situation is, he/she will constantly lie because to them the truth and be honest terms are irrelevant. They will do or say whatever they want, to get things done at that particular point of time.


Unpredictable behaviour

Unpredictable behavior is the most common trait you will find at an excessive level in a pyschopath boss. You can’t predict their behavior, at the moment they might be praising you for un relevant things, and another moment they will be yelling at you for something you don’t even relate to.

You might be asked to follow certain steps only for a particular work, but then publicly your image will be getting torn for being a spoon feeding guy.

Unpredictable behavior can be elaborated as a state of  a perpetual state which involves a lot of confusion and anxiety which makes the work place like hell.”

Have you ever faced a person who is one of the nicest people you met and the very next few weeks or months you see a completely different personality?

You might get tormented in a one on one meeting and shown as a loving and charming person in a group meeting by these kinds of people.

Lack of empathy

There is no need to tell that empathy means ‘ ability to share and understand someone’s feelings’. But a psychopath lacks this empathy, and there is a need to be often reminded.

It doesn’t matter to a psychopath how his words or actions may hurt you. It’s like kicking the chair for them, but to normal people, empathy means that it stops us from hurting each other through words or actions which make us different from animals as well. You might think that being a boss they are doing what is needed to be done, but it’s not a professional problem, it’s their personal one.


A psychopath is a biggest manipulative, and he/she does this very often. Be it’s an office meeting or normal one to one interaction with employees. He/She will try all tactics through which you can pop out all the things that are needed to manipulate you.

You won’t even realize, but he/she will be the sole reason to turn you against your colleagues. It’s always preferred to not open up with anyone about your opinions at your workplace.


How to tackle these signs?

Job switch is not the only option always for everyone in case of situations like when you have to work with a psychopath, that to your boss. There are certain tips to manage a psychopath at your workplace.

Write Down Everything: Even though it’s just an ordinary talk between you and your boss, write down everything just after the moment you walk out of the room.

Flatter them: Yes, this is a key thing. It’s like an elixir for them. Give them whatever they want with no questions asked. Even if it’s a stupid thing to do, do as they say. They will be on your side for the rest of life.

Communicate Through Mail: Even if they ask you to do a regular thing related to work, ask for a written mail. Reason? You will be having proof if one day he/she pops up saying they didn’t ask you to do that.

Maintain your relationship with your peers: Always try to talk to everyone at your workplace or near by you if you have a larger organization. It will help you to let your stress out at the workplace only, and you have to carry that on your shoulders on your way to home.


All these are purely coping mechanisms, tested and proven by people, that can be used in short-term, while you are already trying other options. Maybe you would not get rid of the psychopath problem of your boss, but by using one or two of these tips, you will be able to get through with time.

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