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How Bollywood is Filling its Pocket Before you Watch Film?

Yes, we all love Bollywood movies because these movies serve so much to us on a platter filled with entertainment, spice and some pinch of reality. But imagine if you get to know that there is much more which is hidden from common people eyes. Consider Bollywood as a platform to earn revenues. Yes, that’s exactly what Bollywood has become.

Bollywood has already come a long way, especially when we look at its promotional strategies. Earlier, films were relied on giving away goodies or coupons to entice viewers. But producers and their marketing team have now shifted their focus to tactics that could make more headlines than the movies themselves and generate pre release revenues which are not accounted anywhere in box office collections!

Much like other businesses, even Bollywood use tactics to generate revenue, but even these tactics have a life span. They are well planned, strategised, and people fall into the trap set, then these tactics become obsolete with the time. One of the major reasons why everyone in Bollywood from stars, producers to directors decided to go after marketing professionals is these ideas only to generate revenue, even before the film is released. You might notice a low balance on box office account for some movies, but in reality, they already had made a lot of income in various ways. Ways which a normal people or fan don’t understand. Fortunately for us, Bollywood is over-populated with such films.

There are times when we don’t understand what Bollywood stars are doing just before their movie release and have a feeling like this…

But that was one of the tactics to create awareness and a hump about their upcoming movies.

This list is mixed with different tactics used by almost all movies that will help you to look at Bollywood movies from a different perspective.

Gaming apps

How can we start any list without including the name of the king of Bollywood “SRK.” You name it, and you can find his name involved in almost every thing even if it’s not related to him.

Even though Ra.One didn’t mark its impression on box office in numbers, but it was way ahead in its promotions as compared to other movies. SRK invested a staggering amount of Rs 52 crore in promotional strategies of It became one of the first Bollywood movies to start gaming as a promotion technique along with the customized merchandise. It created a record of most downloads just in 24 hours after the release of the game on play stores.


Other producers, even today, have used these tactics to create attention and revenues through downloads whether it’s the top movie like Sultan,  PK or a low budget movie like Flying jatt, Udta Punjab, etc.

Reality Shows

What if we tell you that reality tv shows are way beyond the drama and Trps. They are a common platform for the sponsors, producers and film start to market their movies or upcoming shows. Well to make you believe on this we don’t have to put efforts. Judging a dance reality show like Naach Baliye by Chetan Bhagat or Sonakshi Sinha very well shows the mind behind to promote their upcoming movies.

Different Celebrities visiting different shows is nothing, but one of the sure shot tested ways to promote films and earn revenue by a particular share in that episode TRPs.


Whether it is a contest for a discount coupon for noodles contest giving you free entries to movie premiers. Bollywood has tested it ways in almost every single niche. Recently Tiger Shroff, Nidhi Agarwal and Nawazudin Siddiqui judged a reality show in the name of their upcoming film Munna Michael. Well when it was shown that the contest is to find a better dancer and to tribute the legend Michael Jackson, the main aim was to promote sponsors of the film and upcoming movie.

Meet and Greet

Whether it is a college fest or a talk show with youth, celebrities are spotted just before the release of movies.Yes, SRK fans or critics this point involves him.

He has always done something exceptional to promote his upcoming movies whether it is for Dear Zindagi or recent movie yet to be released, Jab Harry Met Sejal. He has marked his presence in major cities in the name of meeting with the women name sejal, but in reality, it was to create a buzz about his movie.

Memes Or Gifs

How can Bollywood stay behind when something is trending among the youth. They will always go outside the box to do anything that promotes their upcoming movie. So as Irfan Khan did with AIB help, he acted as various characters for memes and uploaded on social media to share. All of this was done just before his movie Hindi Medium was about to release.


The list goes on, and more points are there like product placement, award shows, etc. can be included, but we don’t want to bore you. Next time you see tactics like any of these, you will be aware that it is a promotional technique only. Whether it is a flop movie or hit one with these kinds of promotional activities, they generate crores.

Bollywood Movies are a hollow enterprise, which functions on the human psychology to create hump for their movies through promotional and revenue generation.


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