6 Times When Patriotism in Every Indian Awakes

Talking about Patriotism in India nowadays is like talking about Khan Movies, Both have a particular time to come, both become a talk show among all and effect of both last for one or two weeks only. Gone are the days when a true patriot would have to do anything to make his/ her country a safer place to live, today patriotism only awakes on certain events. We know, while reading this there might be an anger emerging inside Indians but the fact is this.

Look at these 6 times when Patriotism in Indian Awakes:

1. India V/s Pakistan Match


Be it a world cup, or a regular test series between India and Pakistan, a patriot inside every resident tends to awake. This Patriotism is way much higher than what is should be when there is a tension of war between two countries. This is about who will win the match, and it must be our country because that’s a symbol of proud for everyone. Fun part over here is not that patriotism is for winning, if somehow Indian team loses the match then they are automatically declared the anti nationalists. There has been numerous no. of reports about the protest by the so called Patriots in front of cricketers relating to slogans of anti nationalism.

According to news sources, while there is an increase in ticket sales, cracker sales, all other sectors face a loss in their sales due to the silence in the markets. Whether it is a match of 1983 world cup or recent champions trophy, Indians have proven one thing with their reaction

2. During a movie release

Whether it is SRK movie or a small star movie, somewhere in their career, all have seen the protest for not releasing their films. Fun fact is the protests are not about the script or story behind the movie always; it’s either about the cast or the time of its release.

Everyone is aware of the ban on Karan Johar Movie: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil because the cast of the movie involves Fawad Khan, an actor from Pakistan. Patriot in most people awoke during the movie releases, and they showcase it through the medium of social media or protest with the help of some political parties.

Expressing your opinion is one thing but forcing your opinion on someone is different and against the law.

3. Elections

Whom did you give your vote? Didn’t you? Are you not a true Patriot? Showing Patriotism by the means of voting for someone whom you didn’t even know, tells us how the spell of patriotism is the new way to show your love for country. Means if I am not voting for someone because I don’t believe in anyone manifestoes than I am declared as an anti-nationalist and I should be behind the bars. Not even the Government does this, there are some reports stating that companies made it mandatory for the employees to vote and if not they will not be allowed to enter in office premises.

4. During a Protest

We don’t even understand the logic behind deciding the patriotism in an individual on the basis of which side he is involved in a protest. And the most amazing thing is any side you chose you are still gonna call an anti nationalist by the other side. Be it a protest for a bill pass or for a normal cause, Indians have that capability to mold it towards nationalism. If there is any award of molding things into towards something which is not even related to a topic, Indians will easily be on the top of that list. In the JNU and DU case, those who took the side of DU were called a non-patriot by the JNU people and those who did opposite got the same feedback. People were assaulted by DU political parties for not standing with them.

5. Tension around Border


Being Possessive and careful can be considered okay but being over in one of the same is dangerous. In India, whenever there is a tension near around border whether it is from the eastern side neighbor or if you would like to call younger brother Pakistan or from the north- western side China, direct impact always comes straight on the NCR. Political parties here starts to behave like these neighbors has stolen their weeds and liquor and going to finish all of it and the reason for this the people from different religion living over here. In the recent attacks of Pathankot or the surgical strikes, the patriot in political parties suddenly arose and various unnecessary comments were floating over the internet.

6. National Holiday ( August 15 or January 26)

we know as we are writing this article the Independence day is about to come. That’s the main reason we have kept this point in the end. As the day is coming lot of videos around the internet will be there from different channels stating how patriot you are and what is your score in patriotism. All the shit like selling the national flags and asking if you care about it to ask your views about the patriotism is going to be there.



Patriotism is not shown like this way. It’s not a T-shirt that you can wear on special occasions, it’s a pride that should remain there always no matter whatever situation is. We have not mentioned the national anthem to be compulsory in the starting of a movie as a point, because we know everybody knows it’s the most fucktard thing that a government can do to force you to be a patriot.

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