14 Upcoming International Festivals That You Should Look Forward To

Every month there are hundred of festivals that come and go all over the world. Some are for one day, some are celebrated for a week, and some goes on for more than a week. These festivals are a great way to experience different cultures, traditions, destinations in a unique way.

This article pulls together a collection of some of the festivals, from August to December, from different parts of the world, which will leave you in an awestruck to decide which one you should go for. There are plenty of them which one can choose! Whether you are a music festival lover or looking for the film festival glamour or an ultimate cultural experience – there is something here for everyone.

Caution: If you are someone who has a wanderlust, then this post will make your festival holiday bucket list super long!

Let’s Start from the upcoming month of August

La Tomatina, August 30th, Bunol, Spain

Ever Imagined to take a vacation and go to Spain with your best buddies for Tomatina festival? If not, then this year pack your bags and head towards the world largest tomato fight festival “La Tomatine.” Started in 1945 this festival has surely gained insights from all over the world and has been featured in various movies like Walking on The Sunshine, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, etc. Last year the festival witnessed a crowd of more than 23000, enjoying the 160 tons of ripped tomatoes, houses near the streets were packed with the plastic sheets. The battles with these tomatoes lasted for an hour long leaving the streets of Bunol with a red pulp. Still not convinced? Witness the fun and the craziness with the locals on your own this year on August 30.


Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 4th- 28th, Scotland, Europe

All the art lovers in the house, Edinburgh Fringe festival in Scotland is like a dream come true! From Dance, Film, Comedy, Theater, Musical Performances and a lot more – the festival has it all. Every August this festival takes place at the Scotland’s Capital gathering the attendees and the performers from all over the world. With the facility to book your tickets in advance all you have to do is just walk down the royal mile and let the promoters of the show guide you for a free ticket or a cheap one or else you can just book your place online. The atmosphere of this festival is truly contagious, and one should experience this at least once!

Notting Hill Carnival, August 30th, London, UK

You know one of the best things in London doesn’t only involve its lifestyle, London Bridge or the London eye. It is also known for it’s one of the largest annual fiesta “Notting Hill Carnival” that has taken place since 1966, in fact, this carnival is one of the highlights of London’s summer calendar. Every year at the end of the August during bank holiday weekend, the streets of Notting Hill are exploded with the steel drums, a lot of dancers and exuberantly decorated floats. The energy level on these two days is so infectious that it makes a nondancer to dance. May be you might not match up the level of carnivalists, but you surely will enjoy. Those who will miss this carnival will have to wait another 364 days for the opportunity to come round again.

September Festivals

Oktoberfest, September 16th – October 3rd, Munich, Germany

How often have you gotten up in the morning and traveled miles for the booze festival? This festival surely tells you to wake up, get ready and take your seat in a tent to get high. Taking place in the sprawling Munich in Germany, this dream festival includes thousands of beer lovers. Oh, and we forget to mention that the festival is not about only to get you a lot of beer if you have the balls then the wall beer game is surely for you. Honestly, if you ask us, although there is a price for every beer, but shit like this sounds off the hook. Obviously, You can book early to get some solid discounts on tickets.

Hajj, August 30 – September 4, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Held Across Saudi Arabia, Hajj is a Muslim’s pilgrimage to Mecca, also known as to be one of the pillars of Islam. Each year there are a lot of news regarding the stampede and the death tolls of people visiting this sacred place, but in spite of this fact, everyone once in a lifetime wants to take this pilgrimage and complete this holy journey. People who are physically or financially unable to go on the journey are expected to send someone in their stead to fulfill their demands. One should surely visit this holy place in the month of Dhu al-Hijja ( last month of Islamic year).

October Festivals

Epcot Food and Wine Festival, August 31st- November 13th, Orlando, Florida, USA

All the foodies in the house, cheer up as this festival is for you! If you haven’t noticed the dates above, we would like to take you back at the heading which says from August 31 to November 13. Yes, that’s fucking 75 days! We don’t know about you, but a foodie like us will surely set eyes on this festival. Having experience even four days at this festival will be like to spend time in heaven filled with food and wine. Of all the food and other drinks festivals this one is at the top on our list because of the varieties and the longevity of the festival that it offers. The festival is famous for the highlights that it offers from 19 nations at differently themed stalls. What? Thought of that much only? No! Also, the festival offers you to experience the seminars and demonstrations from famous chefs from all over the world.

Tip from our side- Go during lunch time on weekdays to avoid massive gatherings and don’t you dare to miss the incredible chocolate center- pieces.

Diwali, October 19th – 23rd, India

This festival of lights is held all over the world to honor the homecoming of lord Ram. Decked up in the brightest new clothes, salary bonuses, lights decorated all over the houses, streets filled with the kids wishing each other and the skies with the crackers all over. Look at the view below! Need we say more?

November Festivals

Camel Fair, October 30th-November 4th, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

Being counted as the one of the largest camel fairs in the world, the Pushkar Camel Fair in India is surely the festival to grab your attention. It’s the annual gathering of people from all over the world who want to buy or sell camels along with other livestock. Not only it has been the tourist attraction but also a good source of income for the small vendors from the Pushkar. The event is kicked off with a camel race each year which is a sure thing to watch. Plan your days in advance for this amazing festival if you are yet to do.

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, October 31- November 2, MEXICO

We know what you must be wondering, that this festival is similar to halloween. But it is not, and by a no, your next question would be why not we have mentioned the most famous and celebrated festival Halloween and mentioned this one. Well, despite the fact that Halloween is already famous among most of the people, the Dia De Los Muretos also have something that will catch your eye.

Also known as the day of the dead, the festival is celebrated in honor of the ancestors and the loved ones who have passed away and to call back their spirits once more and be a part of the family in the celebrations. Having a ghost as a guest, yes surely gives you goosebumps but also leaves you an extraordinary experience of memories with the locals.


Mevlana Whirling Dervishes, December 7th- 17th, Konya, Turkey

Founded by the  Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi-Rumi, this is a Sufi festival which took place every year at Konya. The festival may not sound as thrilling as we talked about Oktoberfest or the hill Carnival but watching men dressed in white robes and long hats of red color, spinning in circles is something that will change you the way you would have never expected. This 10-day long festival will not only show you the power of devotion but also left you with the knowing that spinning can leave you way more than dizzy.

Chaumos, December first week, Pakistan

Known as the largest festival in Pakistan for kalasha people, the Chaumos is celebrated in the three valleys of Kalasha: Rumbur, Birir, Bumboret. If you are an Islam reciter than you should maintain your distance from this festival as the people in this festival is known for those who strongly and stubbornly resist Islam as a religion. Women here sing songs in the memory of the demigod Balomain, men bake bread into different shapes mainly of goats. The crazy part of the festival is the custom of purchasing your goat and sacrificing it if you are visiting the place during the festival.


And that’s it from our side! The list surely includes crazy and amazing festivals. Have you decided which festival you are going to visit by the year end? Let us know your views and some other festivals if we have missed in the comments section.


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