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Hilarious Memes for Current Generation That Perfectly Depicts the Sad Reality About Them

Dear current generation lets just accept the fact that somewhere we are so much involved in the advancements that we have forgotten the basics.

Today we are taking this time to take you all through some of the hilarious pictures of the current generation that signify the sad reality. Though the advancements are positive, these changes have also brought some cons with them.

This generation is obsessed with capturing every possible image they can to show people how they enjoy and has forgotten what real enjoyment means.

Using the hashtag for everything nowadays is as important as using petrol to run a vehicle.

Every little thing should be known to everyone in the world is the new motto this generation.

Blogging has become a new passion and career for the people. No, it’s not bad but if you are an amateur, then there should be something to rely on.

Cell phones are more important than oxygen. This generation can forget parents for one second but forgetting cell phone is like an earthquake and emptiness in life.

It’s a party time if they find free Wi-Fi somewhere and connecting to it is like how a lion attacks his prey.

Being good at something at the early age is good, but today’s kid don’t bother looking like kids anymore.

Floppy disks, Cds are like dinosaurs to them. The good thing is atleast they know the history that dinosaurs existed.

The obsession with gadgets for these kids is more than the obsession ISIS has to destroy the America.

The old generation used to become happy with small things unlike kids today who are upset even when they get what they want every time.

At the age of 10  or 12, we didn’t even know the meaning of relationship and these kids today are like, ” I am upset because my girlfriend just broke up with me.”

If you feel there is something more that we might have forgotten, then do let us know in the comment section, till then enjoy these hilarious pics.



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