13 Love Hacks For Your Relationship To Spice It Up Again

“You have changed in the past few months, and you don’t talk the way you used to.”

“We promised never to end the cutest conversation phase.”

“You don’t have time for me, and I think you don’t like me anymore.”

In every relationship there comes a time when you either listen to dialogues from your partner or you are the one who says these.

It breaks our hearts when after a certain time we meet the harsh reality of a relationship. Those long hours of conversation that your partner used to have with you, create doubt in your mind that what has happened now, don’t they love you anymore.

Well, there is nothing to worry about. It’s normal, there is a time when due to career pressure or communication gap you might feel things like all of these, that’s the time you both need some easy love hacks to make your relationship spice up again.

Start Learning Something Together

Choose between some common things you both may like to do or have planned to learn. You don’t have to ask ‘what’ and ‘where’ when you decide to sign up for learning something together. It bridges the communication gap between you both and gives you more quality time to spend together. This can definitely kill the awkward silence that has been happening for a long time between you two.

Say right words at right time

It’s not necessary that you only compliment him/her only when there is an occasion like an anniversary or you are feeling romantic. Just saying it sometimes, after the small conversations, what you are feeling can surely control the damage that might be tearing your relationship.

Having a conflict? Hold his/her hands.

When she/he is mad and not talking to you, just hold your partner’s hands and look in their eyes. Silence is that one weapon that can literally destroy a relationship.

Watch his/her favorite movie.

Even if you don’t like the genre of movie watch it for your partner. Watching your partner’s favorite movie with them will make them feel special.

Make time for morning romance

It’s okay if you are not married or in a live-in relationship, this one is not for you. But for those who are, they should start taking out time for morning s3x. If you want to get out of your dull relationship then start having morning s3x, because it can really spice it up.

Go out on weekends for a long drive or short trip

Weekend trips are not always meant for loud music getaways and booze with buddies. Taking a trip with your partner to the places that are surrounded by scenic beauties is always a memorable experience and no doubt one of the most romantic things as well.

Cook something together

It could be messy but romantic at the same time if both cook together and you both don’t know how to do that.or you can teach your partner if you know how to cook.

Or probably you can teach your partner if you know how to cook.

Take a shower together

Do you remember the last time you both took a shower together? Things will not spice up itself, get out of your boring schedule and don’t be a boring couple.

Make a list of why you love your partner

Telling your partner why you love them with the surprise cards every few days will make his/her day.

Just get away with your devices

If possible either lock your devices in a room or leave them at some place and forget that they even exist. Tech devices are one other major reason that ruins your relationship.

Listen to your partner very carefully

It’s an old saying that listening can solve your half of the problems and arguments. So for a few hours just sit back and listen to your partner.

Be confident about your relationship

Most of the relationship breaks because either one of them is not confident about it or they don’t want the world to know about them. If you’re in a relationship and love each other then be confident and support each other whether it’s the financial matter or related to other things.

Create crazy memories together

I know some of us don’t like to take pictures or selfies. But trust me, doing crazy stuff with your partner and capturing that is the best thing to do. At least you will have something to laugh later on.






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