11 Things we All Know we are Guilty of Doing

We all have a long list piled up with the guilty pleasures, but that doesn’t mean that we should be ashamed of ourselves. After all, we all are human beings, and no human can be the Perfect Man. 

To be honest, guilty pleasures aren’t that bad actually, whether it’s you fantasizing about your crush or eating junk food while you are on a diet.

Here is our list of things that we love to do but also feel guilty sometimes.

1. Even when you’re on a diet, you stuff in all the junk food.

Craving for a six pack abs and the cheese pizza at the same time are two things that we all have done or still do in our lives. We all are well aware of the fact that eating junk food will never help the kind of physique we want to have. But ice creams and pizzas gives us the inner satisfaction, though we know that for sure it will not help us with swimsuit season.

2. We feel happy when we see someone failing in life whom we are jealous of.

We all have dealt with the jerks who try to make our life miserable at some point. Be it the workplace, college, school or in our damn colony, these people try to bully us or show how good they are in some things. Despite the fact that it’s not good to smile on someone’s failure, we love to laugh at these people whenever they fail in life.

3. We intentionally grab attention to fish out the compliments from them.

Who doesn’t like to hear the compliments? And to get that few compliments, we insult ourselves or do something that will grab the other person’s attention, and we will gain either a little sympathy or compliments.  Of course, this isn’t the best way for us to get a compliment but it meets our expectation when we get the assurance from our friends.

4. Day or Night, Being Drunk is the only thing we know.

All of us feel guilty, once we come out of a hangover. But the level of guilt increases afterwards, when we have a whole afternoon to drink, and we can’t resist opening that one bottle of scotch we kept for an occasion. Though one good thing is that we end up in bed early probably, which helps us to keep our next day schedule up.

5. Stalking on social media.

Okay, no more denial! Let’s just accept one act that we all do in our lives and feel guilt when we become mature enough to understand what stupidity we used to do.

Yes, we know the guilt has already popped up in your mind. Stalking people on social media, another activity we all love to do at some point. Be it a crush on a friend, colleague or even on our boss, stalking everyone on social media is in our default setting. Because of these detective skills, setting a profile and detecting someone comes in handy for finding a date on Tinder.

6. In a relationship or not, we all enjoy getting hit on by a third person.

One thing for sure that skyrockets our level of confidence is when we get hit on by a stranger and us being apparently aware of that. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that we close ourselves from getting a hit by someone else, in fact, if we do get a hit then it boosts our level of confidence that we are in demand.

7. Claiming that we are busy, even though all we are doing is NOTHING!

Giving yourself some alone time is the best healing therapy and saying you are a little busy keeps you in demand. But we do feel guilty when we say that we are very busy and in reality, we are just doing nothing.

8. The moment when salary is credited in our accounts and also debited the very next moment.

With the facility of shopping in advance and paying later through credit card, shopping has become a lot easier. Adding stuff in the cart while sitting on a couch at home is something really tempting. But soon this tempts converts into guilty when all the salary gets debited the very next moment it is credited to our accounts.

9. Finding silly reasons for not showing out Laziness.

Remember the school days, when we were used to not really be in a mood to get ready for school because for that we needed to get off our bed, calling in a fever or stomach pain is the best option we used to come across. Well, now we can’t help of getting over with the habit, but surely it leaves us with the guilty when we try to pull the same string now.

10. Creating fantasy about our crush

There is a huge difference between fantasizing about crush and wasting time. Even if we’re taken, we can’t help thinking about the person we have a tiny crush on. Apart from the guilt level one has due to this one should also make sure not to affect the line of work due to these dreamland thoughts.

11. Ordering a lot of food even when we are the only one to eat.

Cooking for sure is not a cup of tea for all of us. All that kitchen hassle makes it worse. And in the end, we decide to order food from outside, but what becomes a headache and guilt is when we end up ordering a lot more than we have the capacity to eat. Do I mention, it happens always?



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