21 Illustrations by Destiny Blue which has Deep Meaning

We all love art creatives and their deep hidden meaning. Our daily schedule involves a most important thing of spending time on social media and going through a lot of art pieces shared by artists.

Recently, while going through the news feed of Instagram  I came across one amazing art creative and was baffled when I looked more into it.

DestinyBlue, whose real name is Alice De Ste Croix, has become a famous artist on social media since she started in 2004 due to her creatives. At first glance, her art may only strike you as colorful, but if you notice carefully, you will find hidden messages behind every portrait she creates.

I have collected some of Destiny Blue’s well-known pieces below and tried to interpret their deep meanings.

1. Being taken all wrong every time and broken

2. All we need is a piece to solve even the biggest puzzles of life

3.When she is in deep love with you, she opens her heart to you.

4. Everytime time there is a hope of ray that takes you out even from darkest times.

5. The God has given enough power to a woman to create her wings to fly, and it’s upto her how she likes to do it.

6. Even a single tear can leave deep scars.

7. A woman is strong and confident enough to take a bullet if she hasn’t done something and she is right.

8. Though a woman heart is complicated, it’s not impossible to solve the riddle and understand her.

9. If she doesn’t reply to your cruelty that doesn’t mean she can’t.

10. One of us can be free!

11. Broken Window to the Soul

12. A woman can easily hide her pains and sew all the sufferings she had been through.

13. A woman gives the key to trust to her partner.

14. Trapped in a prison of society

15. All you see is three words on a woman face ‘ I Am Fine,’ Though they are not.

16. Friends always help you to set free

17. The soul of a woman is immortal, it will grow again as a plant does.

18. You can never identify the depth of love by just saying it.

19. Broken but OK.

20. It’s over forever.

21. Don’t just judge what you see on one sight, and things can turn out to be a lot different.


Don’t forget to check out her social media channels to stay updated for such an amazing art creatives.

Let us know your thoughts on each one in the comments!

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