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13 Place That Should be on Every Introvert’s List With a Wanderlust

There is no shame in calling yourself an introvert and also having a wanderlust to travel. Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to visit different places because you don’t like to interact much. For an introvert, visiting places which are not too crowded or a billion hawkers trying to sell and forcing you to buy something might be the best holiday plan.

For people belonging to the introvert category, travelling means an opportunity to know the world around them, exploring new places they have only heard of and learning about the culture and people living over there. So yes, crowded spots definitely not work for them.

So here are few places that an introvert who has bitten by travel bug could visit.

1. Iceland

The reason this place comes at the top of the list is the awesome initiative taken by the government over here. Iceland has set up a website which has been dedicated completely to the shy singles and introverts. So, you don’t have to worry about visiting unknown places. You can just log on to the website and read about the places or even join the small local communities to talk with the people already living here.

The best thing about this place is the less population and the world famous landscapes. There’s a lot of things to do apart from enjoying the silence which could be on the bucket list for an introvert.

2. Pontresina (Switzerland)

Are you snow and skiing lover? ‘Yes,’ or ‘No,’ in any case, this place should be on your list. With the access to 3 ski resorts that too without the crowd, this place in itself is a complete package to call you for climbing snow mountains and enjoy the beautiful greenery. You can also enjoy the view up top through a cable car and can hike down through pine-scented forests.

3. Canada

Accept the fact that there are more reasons to visit this place than just Justin Trudeau and a large number of Indians residing here. One of the quiet places to visit, not because of less crowd because people here are aware of the concept of personal space. What could be better than hopping on a cross-country train and enjoying the scenery while reading a good book, right?

4. Chiang Mai (Thailand)

The laid back province nestled in the north part of Thailand, Chiang Mai, has hot water springs, hills, rain forests, and monasteries. All this makes Chiang Mai, a refreshing place to give you change in the surrounding from Bangkok crowded environment. Drop by here for sure if you are an introvert who loves cities as well as nature.

5. Glastonbury (England)

Before we even go ahead and look at the best thing about this place, don’t even think about visiting this place in June if you are an introvert.


During June, at the Glastonbury Music Festival, this place becomes the second home for every music lover. Perfectly picturesque, Glastonbury is a peaceful place to visit around the year barring June. One of the another amazing thing about this place is that it has its own first ever introvert’s tour, where you are given enough time to recharge yourself in the silence and enjoy the guided tours of the town.

6. Kaikoura (New Zealand)

If you are an introvert who likes to indulge in adventure sports, then pack your bags with your closest friends or travel solo to this place. You will have many options to explore from skiing, wild water rafting, bungee jumping and para gliding. After you are done feeding your daring side, you can go on for whale watching, long nature trails and have your own quiet time to lose yourself in thoughts.

7. Paris (France)

Heard the term ‘flaneur’ often but aren’t aware of what it means? Well, flaneur is a typical person who likes to walk around the city, enjoying and observing the world around him quietly. The term was coined in Paris. At first, it might appear to you like the crowded place because of the hype created for lovers to visit this place, but a certain romanticism and quietness even in the crowd has the power to appeal to every introvert definitely.

8. Bhutan

Spiritual introverts in the house, this place is a must visit for you all. The place is open for tourism for more than 40 years, and still, there are few of tourists that visit this place. The reason behind low tourists is the amazing offering it does. Yes, Bhutan offers you untouched monasteries, local markets and places to visit, which are not liked often by the so called extrovert travelers.

9. Oregon Coast (USA)

You may find this name as a likely suggestion on many other platforms as well. When we researched about the reason behind this we came to know, it is not like just another beach; this place is a paradise both in peak and off season.

10. Japan

Known as one of the most introverted countries in the world, Japan is the place where there is a party for every introvert. The culture itself is rooted in the sense that people over here know the importance of giving space to each other, may be that’s why you will not find people generally involving in small talk.

11. British Virgin Islands (Caribbean)

You can just skip the part of visiting the town of Tortola and directly check into any of the resorts of this place. We suggest you visit the island named Jost Van Dyke; it has inhabitants less than 300. It’s like The Maldives plus Bali, but with more personal space, peace and untouched beauty.

12. Chakkupalam (Kerala, India)

Wondering, Why this place? This tiny village is famous for its hilltop views, elephant sanctuary, and farms. You can just sit with a Desi cup of tea made by locals and enjoy the waterfalls and hills.

13. Tulum (Mexico)

This place used to be unknown a few years ago. Famous for one of the archaeological sites for Mayan ruins, this place has some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. You can have access to Yoga retreats, Spas, Jungles and also party places if you like to dance with some good music.


Okay, we have listed down a lot of places that you can choose from. So what you are waiting for? Let us know about your favorite place in the comment section!

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