If These Predictions About GoT Season 7 had come true, Will the rest also be right?

So far four episodes of Game of Thrones Season 7 have been released, and all of us are enjoying every bit shown till now. Every year whenever a season ends or about to begin, there are thousands of fan theories that float everywhere around the web.

Some die hard fans deny reading them but there a lot of us who like the spoilers and have that inner urge to know about our favourite serial in advance.

Let’s be honest and accept that a lot has happened in the four out of seven episodes that have left all of us surprised. Be it the news of episode leak or HBO official website hack, our ears all always popped up when we hear the name of GoT.

Last year, one of the Reddit users put up some spoilers for this year season and if you witness carefully then you will find that the user predicted pretty much right.

Listed below are some of the incidents that a Reddit user predicted and they all have come true in four episodes so far.

1. The first prediction which came true in the first episode itself is, Dany going to Dragonstone.

2. The user predicted that Arya would become a killing machine.

The first thing that Arya did in this season is killing all the remaining Frey sons. After killing she headed towards Winterfell and encountered Nymeria.

3. Bran was predicted to cross the wall in the episode one and to arrive Winterfell by the third episode. Exactly the same happened.

4. Dorne will be out of the way in the first few episodes, and we saw that happening.

5. Theon abandoned Yara and Ellaria was captured by Euron’s fleet. They also destroyed Yara’s fleet and killed two sand snakes.

6. Viewers witnessed few scenes between Tyrion and Jon. In the third episode, Jon meets Dany as he was summoned. Dany wanted him to bend the knee, but he refused to obey.

7. It was also listed in the user theory points that, Jon will not accept that people will know about his resurrection and he will stop Davos to tell Dany.

8. We don’t know how but he also wrote that Jorah would not be seen having any scenes of curing at Essos as he will be cured by Sam at Oldtown. We have also seen that happening too.

9. Jamie turned out to be a great commander and the Lannisters successfully take down the Martells and Tyrells easily.

10. In the episode four which was leaked we all see Arya arriving at Winterfell, the same was in the predicted pointers of Reddit User.


Till now all his predictions have come to be true, and we are undoubtedly sold towards his nature of revelations. So after digging more into his profile recently, we found other pointers that have predicted the events for the remaining episodes.

Those who are scared of spoilers can step away, but who love to read things in advance you are most welcome!

1. By the end of the season, Sansa will realise that she was being played by Littlefinger as he was trying to set Arya and Sansa against each other. But with the help of Bran, she will come out of the trap and Arya will execute Littlefinger.

2. Though Bran and Sam will piece together about the true parentage of Jon, he won’t find out this in this season. He will come to know about this in next season beginning.

3.  Davos will make a joke about still rowing for Gendry as he will find him working at King’s Landing making weapons.

4. In the episode fifth, Dany and Jorah, both will reunite.

5. You will witness a cameo by Benjen Stark.

6. Varys doesn’t want the throne. Instead, he is looking out to have someone on the throne who will look for the interests of Westor’s people.

7. White walkers will kill Beric Dondarrion in last two episode of the season.

8. Viserion will reborn as his mount after he will die in Night King’s hand and there will also be a flashback from the wedding of Lyanna and Rhaegar.

9. Jon won’t kill Theon as he saves Sansa and both will have a reunion scene.

10. Cersei will get to know that she is pregnant.

11. Tyrion and Varys are worried about Dany being turning into a mad queen as she burns few rulers who refused to bend the knee, Tarlys one of them.

12. At the end of season’s episode, seven, Jon and Dany will have sex, and the wall will fall.

That’s it, we only have to sit back and wait until the season end to judge about these predictions and if they come true then obviously we all will have eyes on next season theory.

Tell us in the comment section what you feel about these predictions.


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