15 Pictures of GoT’s Sansa Stark ( Sophie Turner) that will blow up your mind

Do we need any introduction to the GoT’s Sansa Stark?

Okay, for those who have come just to see pictures and don’t know who Sophie Turner is, stop here before you scroll down!

Though there is hardly any introduction needed to Sophie Turner, it’s for our readers who are not aware. She is currently playing the most complicated character in world famous series of Game of Thrones as Sansa Stark.

Her fans will already know that she has also acted in the Marvel movie, X-Men Apocalypse. Well, to add to your list, you should also know that she’ll be in the next X-Men sequel ( X-Men: Dark Phoenix) playing the character of Jean Grey.

Not every actress of her age is known to have taken up and nail dark roles, but she has done such a mastery with those roles that all of us have become a die hard fan.

One can not deny that apart from acting and the talent she possesses, she is damn sexy and hot.

 That being said, let’s take a look at her hottest pictures that will for sure make you fall in love with her if you are not!

1. Did I just say above that she can light a day? With this picture, I would like to say she can light up someone entire life. 

2. Well, it’s difficult to say those branded clothes have made her look good or she has made them worthy.

3. With these eyes and looks, a real king would leave his throne, not just in a TV series.

4. Who so ever hates the yellow colour, just show them this picture and then just see them changing their opinion.

5. Do we need any caption?

6. Yes, we are talking about hottest pictures

7. One can stare at this picture the whole day.

8. This Picture defines royalty in the true sense.

9. Perfect reaction someone has after seeing her.

10. Even the blue colour would have said that today its existence is justified.

11. This picture is both beautiful and sexy


14. Last but not the least.


Bored in office? Surf Sophie pictures and you will not even realize when the time has passed. Because you were so busy in watching her images that you didn’t notice that we have skipped no. 12.


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