Look at These Photos from Goa’s Wild Parties in the 70s & 80s and You will wish You Could Time Travel

What comes to your mind when you heard about Goa?

EDM festivals, rave parties, overcrowded beaches and bad press, that’s it! But do you know that Goa used to be a damn magnificent place back in the 70s and 80s?

Call it for better or for worse; the place used to be a lot different from what it is today before the few hippies trickled in and flipped the vibe. People who used to live over there or who tend to visit Goa used to be more laid-back, carefree and had a good taste and understanding of music as well.

We don’t know whether the vibe that used to be there, will come back or not but today to give you a glimpse of what Goa used to be, we have collected some of the rare pictures of those times.

In the 80s hedonists and hippies would carry huge sound systems to empty beaches, which you will rarely find today, and bands would continue their jam sessions out all night.

Most of the images are from the well-known beach of Goa, Anjuna beach.

1. Want to taste some weed? Travel back to 80s because you would have got it in bulk that too at what we call cheap prices now.

2. Hippies enjoying their evening at Anjuna Beach.

3. This was the first flea market set up in Anjuna in the 80s.

4. People enjoying full moon party, well it’s difficult to say that the party is ebbing away or just starting out.

5. Calangute beach when it was untouched in 1974 v/s now.


6. The Anjuna Jam Band at Anjuna beach playing a full moon party

7. This is how hashish, jewellery and LSD used to sell at a single place in the flea market in 1976.

8. A new year’s eve party celebrations.


After seeing these images, one thing we are sure of is that Goa used to be a slice of paradise at that time, which we have definitely choked out nowadays.

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