12 Shows That You Can Watch And are Way Better Than Game of Thrones

HBO’s most popular show on Television, Game of Thrones has received the love globally. But last year, a collection of shows have stepped up and challenged Game of Thrones, and they are much better than GoT.

Many of the shows have got the direction which is totally different from GoT, making them a better plot. One thing that these shows prove is you don’t need a premium cable series to succeed in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi.

If you are bored from glacial pace by George R.R. Martin or you have never seen GoT, these shows might sate your appetite.


When GoT sits in its offseason, one can definitely opt for the Vikings. The show has completed its four seasons, so there’s plenty to the marathon. The show storyline is based on the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok. In the beginning, it has been shown that Ragnar is a simple raider from Viking and it was rumored that he had been the scourge of 9th century from England. But soon the show takes a drastic turn, and he becomes the leader of force across the water in the Great Britain.

The Americans

One of the worthy opponent to GoT regarding captivating political intrigue, this show could be the best one to watch if you’re not the one who likes fantasy, sci-fi or legends thing. The Americans focus on undercover spies who come from Russia and reside in the United States to reconcile their loyalty to the Soviet Union.

House of Cards

Call for plot twists, political intrigue or back-stabbing; this show has got all of them. You will see some of the familiar faces like Kate Mara and Kevin Spacey under the direction of Fincher. The storyline follows how politicians use their rank and influence decisions in Washington D.C. Every season is packed with a pile of 13 episodes.

One thing that gives an advantage to this show over GoT is it removes the fourth wall, i.e., you will find cast talking to the camera every once in a while expressing their opinions.

Black Sails

If you have seen the show ‘Treasure Island’ then this show is the best one to watch as it’s the prequel and even if you haven’t, then you can first watch Black Sails and then move forward to Treasure Island. The show follows the plot of the adventures of most infamous and feared pirates of the golden age, Captain Flint. He tries to maintain control on an island full of pirates, thieves, and prostitutes. The first season can leave you in confusion of what is happening, but stick on to next two season, and you will change that opinion.

Sleepy Hollow

This fantasy magic show may have seen a decline in recent episodes, but there’s no denying that it’s the first serial that we have seen to tell the story of Headless Horseman.

The 100

The show is counted at the top of the lists of sci-fi shows ever made, though it has seen an up-and-down in the two seasons. The plot follows the 100 exploited teenaged criminals who were sent down to not-so-distant future to an irradiated Earth. The second season reveals various suspense of their quest for survival.

The Walking Dead

This show had once become one of the most watched shows on television. With the completion of the 100th episode this year the show will air its season 8 which also makes this show one season a head of Game of Thrones. In Season 6, the introduction to a new face of a villain from its source material novel has given a new life to the show that was in desperate need of a Hail Mary.

Penny Dreadful

Don’t like historical stories? No problem, this show is will totally take you into fantasy and supernatural drama.

Mr. Robot

This show has changed the ranking of USA network, which used to be known only for its prestige dramas. The plot follows a man who works for a digital security firm in the day and the night acts as a hacktivist vigilante. The show is more about a cyber punk digging into corporate corruption.


The Expanse

If you love the hard fantasy genre show GoT, then have a look at hard science-fiction show the Expanse.


Both shows share similar DNA, based on lengthy novels and the show has given a tough competition to HBO’s own flagship series.


Inspired by 1996 film Fargo, the American crime-comedy drama has received broad acclaim from critics. The critics reported that show had been made with quirky characters and a new storyline with odd twists and dark humor.

That’s it from our side! Let us know the shows you think that are better than GoT in the comments section.

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