15 Wise and Hilarious Life Lessons For This Generation That Makes Perfect Sense

How many times have you heard people saying to you these kinds of dialogues often in the name of unwanted advice?

“Slow and Steady wins the race,” “Honesty is the best policy. ”

blah blah…..

Stop listening to these people who talk this kind of bullshit as the advice. Advice should be like real people, at first it might appear as douche bags, but after understanding the, you have the clear vision of their point.

Read the following stuff twice, because at first it might sound like stupid, random shit and pointless. But the second time you will realize it makes sense. Well, more sensible than pieces of advice like we talked above.

Get the F*ck out in the case of fire before tweeting or snapping about it.

Believe me; you will witness this on the internet if you look carefully.

If you want longer battery life of your relationship, put that damn phone down.

Life is really simple, why to make it complicated with involving in gadgets more than involved with the partner.

When you think that life has shut all the doors, open one of them. It’s a door, that’s how it works.

Borrow money from a pessimist. They won’t expect you to return it anyway.

It’s better not to borrow money, but none of us follow that all the time. Atleast this can be considered.

Don’t be ashamed of your self. That’s your parent and third party job.

Doing two jobs at the same time is never a good idea. So, do that one in which you excel.

Being a dick won’t make yours bigger.

If people consider this seriously, the world will be full of nice people.

If you want a long-term relationship, adopt a pet. If you want something permanent, get a tattoo.

Yes, we still stick to our previous advice of putting the phone down for a long relationship too.

If someone is not lifting a finger to call or message you, lift your 5 fingers and wave them a bye.

No need to wait for people to text or call you. If they don’t consider them important in your life move to those who consider.

Lame comebacks are a total denial. You can still stick to no comebacks.

The reason why Buddha was silent is that he knew the true meaning of this.

If someone hates you for no reason, give them a one.

dNt eXpEct ppl 2 tke u srsly if u tYpe Lyk dis

okay, no one is a grammar expert. But, atleast no one should write like this.

Those who cover their every sentence with a ‘LOL’ or ‘JK’ is not a trustworthy person.

How can you trust this person who every time deviates from his words by saying he/she was just kidding.

You have all the right to hate someone who eats all snacks and doesn’t drinks.

Sometimes it’s purely good to let people know your hate.

Feeling to yell at someone? Just whisper what you want to say in the ear, it’s way scarier.

Gandhi was right when he quoted; Non-violence is much scarier than Violence.

If you think you are losing an argument, then start correcting grammar or point out their speaking mistakes.



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