18 Perfect Situations and Reactions That Sums up Your Work Life Perfectly

Bored of looking at the same screen at the office and working for continuously 9 hours a day, 6 days a week, we got used to with our office colleagues. We go through many daily life situations at the office on which we want to react badly, but we can’t because there is a constant fear of what boss will think or it might not affect at the time of appraisal.

But these situations stick with us and we start trying to find ways of sharing it with colleagues. Today we listed those perfect situations which you can easily relate to and share it with your peers ASAP.

1. When your management ignores a problem previously you point out and later on they suffer from it.

2. You can’t slap your coworker because of his/her stupidity because you need the job.

3. When a new co-worker joins and he is not aware of the office is shit and excited to work there.

4. When the boss asks you to show the new worker around.

5. When you co-worker ask you to go out for a coffee because you were being polite while working

6. When your boss comes around the corner and you grab the closest thing to you to make it look like you are working.

7. When your co-worker asks a question that makes the meeting go on for 25 more minutes.

8. When someone asks you a dumb question at work.

9. It’s your colleague birthday and you are asked to contribute

10. When you see next shift workers coming in to take place.

11. When you know that one of the co-workers didn’t use the flush in the restroom and he/she comes to shake hands with you.

12. When you have to come back to the office after a long weekend.

13. When unnecessary taxes cut down the final payment amount.

14. You are suffering from constipation problem and farts, your co-worker understands that and comes to talk to you.

15. When you go through this one

16. You have to leave early but you have given work at the end point.

17. It’s weekend and your friends are enjoying at the party but you have to come at work.

18. I guess Karma is a BITCH!

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