4 Life Lessons That You should Write to a 25 Year Old self

At times, you wish there is something you could do so that future you will be aware of the things before and at that point when the crisis comes you just look back to those things.

Thanks to our faster-growing world numerous apps will allow you to do so. But sometimes you just have to take a step back and do few things in an old traditional way.

So, for now, traditional way means writing a letter or email that you will read when you are 25. Because at that time who better than you can give you life advice?

No one, not even in your parents can take you out of certain situations.

It’s you who has to explain the shit out of your mind and solve your problems or else you will spend the rest of the life complaining for useless reasons.

Here are 5 Life lessons that you should write to your self.

1. Leave fear far behind so that it can’t consume you

You have not seen what fear can actually do with you. Till now it’s quiet, being dormant, but be careful and don’t reveal too much of itself at once.

Just when you have stepped in your 25’s, you will see that fear will take a rear turn to be ugly head, and it will always stop you from being extraordinary.

You have not known the true meaning of fear yet; you will now. You will hear an inner voice restricting you, every time you will think of to do something, this inner voice is nothing but your fear of failure, fear of what will I do if I didn’t succeed and a lot more.

At this point, all you have to do is just relax down and think of the times when you did something extra ordinary you haven’t imagined. You will gather the immense confidence within yourself and will kick start anything.

Learning from your deepest fears might lead you to the path of being extraordinary.

2. Love stories like fairy tales ain’t exist, but it’s upto you how you create yours, in every perfect and imperfect way.

Right now, the concept of perfect love might be just having someone with whom you can talk to for long hours or go on dates.

A myth.

You will understand that love doesn’t only mean having someone who loves you or be with you. You will discover the unconditional love with your self and with the one who created you.

Now, true love will not be roaming on dates with someone; it will be way beyond that, understanding the another person much better and give them their space will be the new definition of love for you.

You will not be spending a lot of money for expensive gifts rather you will find small creative ways that actually involves your time and hard-work that will be recognized by your partner.

3. No one is going to come to you and say this is the perfect “sign,” go do that.

Dude, You are 25 years old now. Congratulations for that as you are a quarter of a century old.

But if I am correct then you will also accept that you are not where you think you should be in life.

But that’s the point; you will never be there what you always thought. Life goes like that, and it will whisk you away again and again and remind you to keep stand on your toes.

Don’t sit and plan for things that you will do at this time and that time, just do it. Quit waiting for signs, as they are never going to come.

4.  Engrave this one in your mind that if you will not do it, someone else will.

Potential can be unlocked easily. In fact, the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy would have topped with a quest to the Earth’s center if someone could have found that particular key.

Being unsuccessful is much comfortable, you will not have to do anything, there is no trying, no efforts required, no brain power needed. If I would have to sum it up its an easiest coward’s way out.

But there will be times when you will realize that things you wanted to do someone else did already. Then there is no comeback, so better to wake up and do what you want to do before someone else does.

5. Do something different, unless just following the herd.

When you are seeing people do something for 40 years continuously even though they do not want to do that then just follow the herd. Stand up and do something that gives you happiness not something that gives others.

There will be much bigger and smaller moments that will teach you something, may tear you apart.

But then soon it will all feel right.


You will have enough strength to carry it.

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