20 Superheroes Who Can be the Result for Earth’s End if They Turn Out to be Real and Evil

Little bit strange title, No?

We all love superhero characters and wish to have them in real life as well. We admire the super powers they have and imagine what it would have a look if we have those powers.

But have you ever thought that our love for superheroes is one side, but even if we don’t love them they have those powers through which they can do anything if they turn out to be real in life.  A single superhero can be the result of Earth’s end, wonder if all of them turns against human kind.

Look at the list of these superheroes who can be of great concern if they decide to turn evil.

Captain America

How can the list not start with first ever marvel avenger. Captain America was the first Marvel Avenger having the super invincible powers. In the last part of Avengers, it was revealed that Captain America had changed his decision to save one of his evil friends and turned against his friend, Tony Stark. If Cap. can turn his back to his dear friend and partner then what if he turns against all of us, scary enough.


Even the name of this superhero is just that thin line away to turn to bad from the bat. What if, he decides to cross that line? God help those who choose to cross his path. We have witnessed the power he enforced in batman vs. superman to kill Superman. Means if he can decide to kill the bigger superhero and succeed in that what if he decides to kill all of us? He would become unstoppable.


If this guy becomes a bad guy, it would be almost next to impossible for anyone to detect him. Consider the damage he could cause with his powers of becoming small. Remarkable enough but in an awful way. You will not be aware of his coming, and he would have already done what he intends to do.


Waiting to see him in the upcoming Justice League movie? This guy has super strength, cybernetic powers, durability and enhanced vision.

Am I left with something mentioning worth enough to destroy the whole planet? With a blink of an eye, this guy can get into the internet and reek a pile of havocs.

Martian Manhunter

We have not seen the actual power of this superhero yet even in comics. He has lot more potential than he shows. Probably one of the most powerful DC heroes, and if he decides to change his path from good to evil, we can not even save the human race on different planets if we decide so.With the powers like shapeshifting, super-strength, turning himself into a dragon and intangibility, imagine what damage can be done.

Scarlet Witch

We saw a glimpse of her competencies in the Age of Ultron. We saw how she easily turned all Avengers against each other with her psychic powers when she was on the dark side. What if she decides to wage war against all of us? No stopping her as she can easily turn any superhero on her side with her mind control powers.

The Specter

This guy got his super powers after he died, that’s why he is also known as the spirit of revenge, and it also makes him one of the terrifying superheroes from comics.

What if he exists in reality?


We have seen the famous temper of Wolverine with his teammates in X-Men whenever he tries to find traces of his white washed brain. He is a killer in movies and comics, but we consider that as good because he does that to save lives, it will be a bloodbath if his white washed mind is re-programmed against the whole humankind.

Iron Man

You might be wondering why this guy is on the list? He can never turn out to be bad, but remember what he does with the captain in the last Avengers. He kicked the shit out of Captain and his friend who was trying to stop him. If he can create a suit for survival, guess what he can make for the destruction of the earth. No guesses right, that much scary he is.

Black Bolt

Silence is the scariest thing in this world. That’s how this guy is, you will find him silent most of the times, but the destruction he could cause if he goes rogue can demolish anything in just seconds.


The only guy who was able to stand against Wonder Woman and Superman. Not just this proves how powerful he is on the darker side but also shows he can obliterate an infinite number of planets. Never wish a God to be on the evil side ever.

Ghost Rider

You have seen how difficult it was for Johnny Blaze to control the demon inside him, but what if that demon get loose again? The number of souls that exist on the planet will turn to ashes. He already has terrifying looks, suppose his deeds would also be terrifying if he becomes evil.


If there is any f*cking right on this planet to scare, then you have that one to be scared of the Sentry. In 2010 miniseries, he ripped down all the internal organs of his opponent in a duel. Now just imagine for a second what if he decides to take a job of being a full-time villain.


You always have the perks if your father is an inter-dimensional Demon. Raven has that perks for sure, daughter of Trigon has immense magical powers with which she can heal anyone in seconds, shadow manipulation and foresight. She has a problem of dual personality disorder which creates some problem for her team. If that evil personality ceases forever, in reality, we’ll be all dead in an instant.

The Arrow

Yes, this guy is on the list. No doubt he doesn’t have that super power of technical skills advantage. But he survived on a hellish island for more than 5 years and had that confidence to fight an army alone. This guy is no doubt can be compared with other superheroes. If his inner darkness takes over him than even the league of assassins can not stop him.

The Flash

Remember Flashpoint? This young guy created the whole new existence just because he was feeling lonely and the changes that occurred due to his one mistake. Now imagine, a man, in reality, having these powers who can create timelines, who can run fast enough to beat almost all of the superheroes on this list. Oh boy! even Batman and Superman will have the tough time to stop him.


A guy who is already a threat to everyone as he loses his control time to time, if he utilizes his full power of smashing against the Earth’s people, there would be not a single person standing on this planet. Worst nightmare one can have.


Created by three superheroes knowledge, power, and resources, one should be afraid of this superhero. He was added to the Avenger’s team recently in the Age of Ultron movie. Only he has the power to lift the Thors hammer. Now if this guy goes bad after deciding his motto on earth then oh boy we need to find a new home in an all new universe.

Charles Xavier

One of the strongest, smartest mind to exist on earth is of Charles Xavier’s. If he accepted the offer given by his best evil friend, Magneto, there will be an apocalypse on earth as he can make anyone fight for him and even die for him.


Wondering why the god of superpowers is last on the list? Ever read the main character turning story in the beginning in any script?

No, that’s the exact reason of being at the end.

This truth and justice icon can do whatever he wants with the powers he has, and even after that he doesn’t hold back, he could destroy the Earth in close seconds.


It’s good that these super heroes are doing well in comics and they should stay there only. We love them as they are, no need to turn evil.

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