Game of Thrones Episode 6 of Season 7 got Leaked by HBO Spain, Read all About the Leak*No Spoilers*

Game of Thrones season 7 has now become news for all since its episodes got leaked and the official servers of HBO was hacked last month.

But recently, in a lucky move for the viewers and something that seems bad for the franchise owners, HBO Spain accidentally aired its sixth episode which is yet to be aired on TV. Still, five days are left for the usual airing date, but thanks to the leakers that now viewers will not have to wait for that much longer.

The links have already been viral among the web in between GoT fans through various social media channels, Reddit is on the top of that.

The length of the sixth episode has been confirmed to be 1 hour and 11 minutes, and various channels have made the authenticity of the event.

According to the comments in the official GoT Reddit group, just after the leak of the episode by HBO Spain, users were easily able to download the entire episode from HBO Spain’s website in HD print. Various versions of quality and audio sound are available on certain sites.

A Reddit Fan Theory has suggested that in the sixth episode Jon will ride the Drogon.

For those who don’t like the spoilers and love to watch the episode on TV itself, they will have to wait for the episode gets air on Sunday, August 20 on HBO in the US. For Indian fans, it will be available on Star World on August 22.

But we doubt that only 2 out of 10 of us will wait that much longer. Most of the fans would have already started scout out the internet for the torrents.

Till now all the predictions that were made about the GoT Season 7 had come true, Let see if the predictions about the Last Episode about of this season will also come to be true.

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