20 Time Traveling Movies Than Can For Sure Bend Your Mind

How many times we have seen a time traveling movie and thought of what privilege it would be if we have the same luxury in reality. But what we don’t realize is the consequences of time traveling.

The idea that many of the directors had used of being able to travel through different time periods and come back on the same present day when they left has also left audiences amused and fascinated.

Here are the 20 greatest movies on time travel that you need to watch:

1. The Time Machine

This movie was one of the earliest movies to show how time travel can be done in film. Based on H.G. Wells novel, which is acclaimed as best seller novels, the movie follows the storyline of a time traveler who goes into the future and came to know that humans are being enslaved by subterranean beings.

2. About Time

The director of the film, Richard Curtis, made the film to address issues about love, family, and mortality. The lead actor, Domnhall Gleeson, born in a family who has a tradition to tell men on their 18th birthday that how they can rewind and pauses time.

3. The Lake House

The film starrers Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, and the storyline revolves around the journey of two lovers who communicate through mailbox of a house in which they both used to live in their previous lives.

4. Hot Tub Time Machine

If this one existed, in reality, I would have definitely gone for it.

Just because of spilling the alcohol in a hot tub if you got transported back in the time to 1980s, that too with your bunch of friends, who don’t like to have an experience like this.

5. Interstellar

This film deals with humans, space and the various themes of time travel which helps a father with his daughter to save the entire human race.

6. X-Men Days of Future Past

The director, Bryan Singer, nicely showed the elements of time travel by bringing the entire cast under one roof from Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and showing the past, present and the future of all the mutant species.

7. Time Traveller’s Wife

Based on the best selling book with the same name the movie starrers Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. The movie plots a guy who has a problem with time traveling which he can not get rid of and all the problems he faces with his marriage once her wife knew about his secret.

8. Edge of Tomorrow

The movie is based on 2004 novel, All you need is kill, starring Tom Cruise. The blockbuster amused the fans with the actions and turned out to be a massive entertainer.

9. Predestination

Since everything is predestined, this movie speaks about the futility of changing the future and the past by time traveling.

10. Source Code

Two US Mariners relive their final moments just before the 10 minutes of a blast in a train ride by a terrorist. Somehow Jake Gyllenhaal got the power to time travel to find out a way to stop the bomb attack.

11. Midnight in Paris

If you had a chance to time travel and met your inspirations, what would be the first thing you will do?

The same happened with Owen Wilson when he goes back to the 20s and meets his inspirations and realizes that he is deceptive with the past which leaves him fascinated as well.

12. The Butterfly Theory

How even a single act can result in multiple consequences is what is being shown in this movie, based on the chaos theory it starred Ashton Kutcher. His ways to deal with the things pan out is a must watch thing.

13. Deja-Vu

How a future device can allow you to see what happened 48 hours prior to an explosion is what showed in the movie with great suspense.

14. Looper

The cruelty of the world’s murky rules left two stars in a situation in which they both try to survive the present and the future. But unfortunately only one of them makes it to the end.

15. Primer

I think I still don’t have the complete idea of what this movie wants to say. It shows how a bunch of idiots and intelligent tech geeks invent a device of a shape of the microwave which allows going forward and backward in time.

A microwave shape, seriously?

16. Donnie Darko

Ever thought that a rabbit can warn you about the news of upcoming worlds end? Crazy enough plot, No? That’s what actually happens in the movie. It also shows the theory of parallel universe events.

17. 12 Monkeys

Brad Pitt’s one of the breakthrough performances, the movie revolves around a plot of a convict going back in the time to stop the army which consists 12 monkeys so that they can’t come to power.

18. Terminator Series

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best series till the time, movie plots the futuristic robots and their mission to save humanity from other robots who decides to go back in time to succeed the mission.

19. Groundhog Day

Bill Murray’s fantastic movie used festivities as a tool to reform a cynical, grumpy man into an optimistic, helpful man by trapping him in the loop of a single day where the same routine repeats itself day after day.

20. Back to the Future Series

The trilogy series shows a young boy who goes back in time when his parents used to be of his age and try to fix their love story so that they can live happily in future.

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