12 Confessions by Landlords About their Disgusting, Horrible Tenants They Have Ever Evicted

The world is full of filthy animals and disgusting people, no one knows this better than all the landlords in the world.

We have scouted the internet and found some of the tales that can for sure shake your head, make you laugh for hours, and recoil you in horror at things people end up finding in their own homes left by tenants.

Here are 12 short stories that landlords shared on the AskReddit for all of us to read and enjoy.

1. When you found that your tenant has made some huge changes in your house.

2. Sometimes love can become an obsession, but the obsession with poop and cat? Really disgusting!

3. A room filled with Dirty Diapers and Dog Crap.

4. Revenge can burn your house, Beware!

5. Next time you go for hunting down a house, remember these agreement points.

6. Psycho Tenant

7. Lazy Tenants

8. Next time you found your tenant asking you for painting permission then consider this one first.

9. Serious Tenant can be a pain in your ass.

10. It’s better not to engage in legal activities for small matters because it can only cost you more and more time wastage.

11. A Lady who loves Cat.

12. Not all the tenants are bad, and some may suffer from problems.



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