12 Fashion Disasters that Men Need to Stop Committing ASAP

Two things can say about a person related to fashion, that either he/she is having a one or not. Today’s generation can not even accept this in their imagination to go with something which is outdated and utterly obsolete.

It’s been a tradition to link women with fashion because it is presumed that men hate fashion and they would rather decide not to be associated with it. But, everything has now changed, and now men care about their grooming style the most.

To make this style unique, sometimes men ended up opting things that are not acceptable at all, and they just cannot be worn.

It’s 2017, and you may find people wearing floaters with socks, and you may be not aware of this, but this trend has died a long time back, and if you ask me the truth, it looks ridiculous, I can’t even wonder why this was in trend at first.

Here we are on our list of fashion disasters that you need to get rid of ASAP and make your 2017 more stylish and trendy.

1. Skinny Jeans

Wearing tight jeans in public doesn’t make you feel like a Macho man, they are ridiculously tight and not only in public avoid wearing them anywhere. The whole fact about how your clothes that you wear should feel like your second skin is completely dead now.

2. Gym shorts are for that place only.

We can understand your feeling of showing your hard work in the gym, but it also has certain ways. Definitely wearing gym shorts in public is not that way. Briefs are good, shorts are OK, but wearing gym shorts in the name of fashion is loathsome.

Please understand this thing that why they are called gym shorts? And honestly, Bro no one wants to see your wiener outline and your hairy legs ( No matter how much in shape they are).

3. Square-toed shoes

First of all, they are ugly AF, still bearable with laces, but without them, they just look like an ugly tree trunk.

Secondly, the time they were in trend was probably the time of your father or grand father, i.e., the 80s. So get rid of them immediately.

4. Extremely pointed toed shoes

Trust me, even if someone gives you an option to die while wearing them and your family will be awarded lots of bucks for that, still then don’t go for it.

I think the person who crafted these shoes must be having an issue with the correct determination of his size. Your toes even touch the end point of these shoes, then why the hell is so much leg space given? To hide some serious stuff?

Don’t even think to say that these shoes are stylish because they are not!

5. Sleazy, Glossy, Slimy, Shiny shirts.

Adam would have tossed you out of the Garden of Eden if he was alive and would have seen you calling out this blasphemous act. Put down these trash chutes and follow my advice and burn all of them you have in your wardrobe. In the 70s if one would have worn this kind of shirts, then it might have looked okay. Still, we are not sure for the daring act.

6. Too wide side cut T-shirts.

Again like I said above, there are many other ways of showing off your workout sessions and your amazing body. Wear a nice fit shirt, and that will work better than this one.

7. Socks in floaters

A No means No for this trend. Even if this trend is about to come back in future, then we all should take the responsibility and get rid of the floaters itself forever.

8. The Crocs- Every lazy man partner

People who have a different kind of love with crocs, no offense, you say it is comfortable, but it’s just another word for lazy. And if you think that wearing them with socks will make you look fashionable, buddy you need a fashion guru.

9. Ed-Hardy T-shirts.

T-shirts design has evolved over the time, and there was this time also when cool dudes in the town like to wear this T, with lines like, ‘Love kills slowly, etc. It’s time to say a permanent goodbye to them.

10. Ill-fitted shirt.

If you don’t want to be on the cover page of magazines like fashion disaster of the month, then stop wearing the ill-fitted shirt. Make sure your shirt fits right at the shoulder, the torso, the cuffs and the sleeves.

11. Cargo pants- The old & bulky style

Never consider cargos as your daily wear outfit. You should only take them out of the cupboard when you are going for a trek or at an outdoorsy place.

Cargo pants fashion is too historical, and originally it was designed to help the British forces to hold maps, ammunitions and field dressings.

12. The Capri.

Something which confused in itself and still hanging in between jeans and shorts. But they end up looking like an another ill-fitted item.

That’s it! Take a cue from the list, and change your fashion style a little.

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