20 Random Facts about the world that can for Sure Blow Your Mind

Sometimes you just can’t explain things happening around you in this world. There are such things that are in front of us all the time, but we didn’t notice.

There are many facts that we are aware of or heard of someone. But regardless of these facts, there 50 more which are worth knowing, some are so strange and random that we never even would have thought they mattered.

1. Susami Bay, Japan has world’s deepest post box, which is 10 meters deep underwater.

Next time you have a letter to post someone in an adventurous way, go for this one.

2. Fact but confusing at the same time that female kangaroos have 3 vaginas.

3. Do you know who was the first man to pee on the moon? Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Sorry Neil, what if you have stepped first. This man marked the territory.

4. Matchstick was not the first thing to be invented as a fire product, Cigarette lighter was.

5. A toilet being flushed on screen was first showed by Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho movie.

6. World’s longest music performance is still going on at this moment when you are reading this, and it will end in 2640.

Started on 5th September 2001, the world’s longest music performance in Germany will last for 639 years.

7. A Laughter epidemic in Tanganyika continued for 18 months.

Next time you wonder that you have left smiling, consider that as a blessing.

8. Otters have a habit of sleeping by holding hands.

9. You will find 20% of coffee cups with faecal matter.

10. The whole world population can fit in an apple if you remove all empty space from the atoms.

11. To empty the whole blood in your body, you will need 12,00,000 mosquitoes all sucking at once.

12. Residual Radiation is what we all see on a dead TV Channel that came from Big Bang.

13. A National anthem that has 158 verses is from Greek, Hymn to liberty.

14. We don’t have that many iterations in atoms that we have in the game of chess.

15. Traffic Jam in China lasted for 10 days, and the speed at which cars were moving was 0.6 miles per day.

16. Mount Everest has more than 200 bodies which are often used by the climbers as direction.

17. Among all the mammals the elephant is the only one who can not lift all four feet at the same time of the ground.

Yes, all other mammals like rhinos and hippos can do that while running.

18. The only man in the history who could write with one hand and paint with another at the same time is Leonardo Da Vinci.

19. The European Space Agency’s Olympus is only one satellite till now which has been destroyed by the meteor in 1993.

20. The first condom came with a manual and made in the 16th century.

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