10 People Whose Sudden Disappearance Without any Trace Shocked Everyone

Every year thousands of reports are registered for the missing people all over the world, and there are many also who have no one behind to file their missing report.

Some of them go missing for long periods of time, or I should better say forever, but those who are lucky get the chance to live lives again. But among those who go missing, some cases are very shocking because the victim in that cases just disappeared.

And the strange thing is, not a single clue exists that could help the officials. People just vanish into thin air, thanks to social media and the internet nowadays a person can spread the news quickly.

But there was a time when all these didn’t exist, and not only the residents but also famous celebs from all over the world got disappeared, and no way existed to spread the news about their disappearance.

We have curated a list of such people who got disappeared without any trace.

1. Jim Sullivan

The famous musician, Jim Sullivan, recorded an album in 1969 which featured bizarre lyrics about how he leaves his family for a tour and he got abducted by aliens. Just after the six years of the album release, his car was found abandoned at the ranch in New Mexico and his guitar was in it.

The news was all over the headlines in 1975 about how he disappeared in the same way he mentioned in his lyrics six years back.

2. Louis Le Prince

The ‘Father of Cinematography” was assumed dead as he disappeared without any trace to follow in 1890. He disappeared from the train he took to reach Paris from Dijon. No strange behaviour was reported during the train journey, but at the end stop, he was found missing along with his luggage.

3. Brian Shaffer

No trace of his disappearance was recorded when he entered a bar to celebrate the beginning of spring break but never came out. According to the cops, this 27-year medical student missing report was registered when his friends were not able to contact him.

His friends said in the statement that they thought Brian had left early for his home when they all visited the bar. All CCTV footages showed that Brian entered the bar but never came of out of it.

4. Joseph Force Crater

The famous judge Joseph vanished from the streets of Manhattan amid a political scandal. The further investigation reported that he was last seen at a dinner with his wife and a lawyer friend. Though the case was never solved, it got quite a popularity about how a day previous from disappearance, Joseph destroyed various documents and withdrew $5000 from his bank account.

5. Harold Holt

One of the largest search operation was held to found the Australian Prime Minister when he went missing from a beach. He visited the Cheviot beach along with his family for a vacation. Despite, being a trained swimmer and skin-diver, the PM got disappeared when he went for swimming.

6. Bison Dele

The mystery remained unsolved when NBA champion Bison Dee disappeared along with two crew members in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Cops found out that his brother was the only person to come back from the journey and he was using his brothers’ identity to earn fame and money. When police went to investigate with him, he was found in a coma due to overdosed insulin. Bisons brother died in 2002, leaving the mystery to unfold.

7. Jim Gray

The Microsoft scientist and Turing award winner was declared legally dead after the five years of his missing. The investigation reports stated that he left San Fransico for Farallon Island in his private yacht to scatter his mother’s ashes. He never made back from the island.

8. Ray Gricar

Ray disappeared in 2005, and his laptop was found without its hard drive from a river. He was the American District Attorney, and his car was found abandoned in a parking lot in Pennsylvania. His laptop history searches revealed that he was planning something big from his device and that’s why one of the searches he made also said ‘How to wreck a hard drive’.

9. Madeleine McCann

The young girls went on missing on May 3, 2007,  from a holiday apartment in Portugal. Her parents were on holiday and left their children sleeping to dine out, but when they came back, they found that Madeleine was not there. Search parties searched the whole town, but the young girl was not found. This missing news went viral on the internet.

10. Fredrick Valentich

Fredrick was an air force pilot and he was on a regular test flight on October 21, 1978, flying over the Bass Strait in Australia. Soon after his take off he felt some other aircraft is following him from the east but later appeared to him that it was unidentified object and he tried to transmitted the message to his seniors but his radio station was not in functioning mode and then he disappeared along with the aircraft.


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