10 ways to Overcome Laziness

One question that we all have in our mind once in a day is “How to overcome this Laziness” or should I say ” How to increase our energy”.

Increase it to the level that it came out from inside even when we are not in need of it.

We all are tired of thinking of doing something and then just let it go because we are so lazy to do something. We even search the solution for this on the internet, but none of the sources ended up helping a real manner.

Here are the 10 sure shot ways that one can easily do and the laziness not be a term in our dictionary.

1. Exercise

We have heard of the myth that sleeping helps us in increasing energy levels.

Partial truth! Good sleep helps us to do that. This has been scientifically proven that a tired body always helps you to have a good sleep.

In order to do that you can opt for exercise option, not only it will help you to stay fit and healthier but also it will ensure that your body rests down in the night and you have a good sleep.

You can start from 1-hour exercise in the morning and half hour walk after dinner daily.

2. Acupressure

Most people don’t even know what acupressure is, forget about how to use it.

Well, it’s an alternative form of therapy in which manual pressure is used to stimulate specific points on the body along what are considered to be lines of energy.

One can easily order the kit of Acupressure online and use it. Kit involves different items, and one can easily get through them. Using them will easily help you to release pressure to your body specific points giving you an immense amount of energy.

3. Water

Apart from drinking the right amount of water, daily use it to give you a refreshing start. Wash your face just after you wake up in the morning, all your tiredness will go away, and you will feel energetic.

4. Fruits

How many of us have heard this often and even advised others but not followed for ourselves to have fruits daily in the morning?

You should consume a fruit daily in the morning just within the 20 minutes of you wake up. It releases the particular amount of metabolism that is needed to our body which in return gives us the energy to come over laziness.

Tea or Coffee only contains carbohydrates which give you the energy for merely 5-10 minutes, but fruits contain fiber as well which releases energy slowly and keeps you energized for hours.

5. Cleanliness

Lazy woman and dog watching TV in messy living room

How you live in your real life is how your inner body forms itself. If you like to live things spreading around you and messy things all over then how can you expect to have the energy to do work?

You should always maintain cleanliness around you, and in return, you will feel healthy and energised.

Never be lazy as far as cleanliness is concerned.

6. Purpose

Have a specific purpose to do something and then you will not see even a bit of laziness around you. Ever saw yourself in a lazy mode when you have deadlines for work? No right, because you have the purpose of finishing it on deadline or else you will have to face the consequences.

7. Goal

Define realistic goals, goals which could be challenging but not impossible.

Set the different time frame for various goals to achieve them, and it gives your mind a proper time that you have to be active for.

8. Planning

When we have firm plans for the day than we already have the energy to do that work, apart from the unplanned days.

So, don’t leave yourself unplanned, just be aware if you do not have to do something.

9. Awareness

Our biggest problem is we can not sit at a place for even 10 minutes quietly, and we need something to do.

But, if we get to know how to sit at a place for a particular amount of time then you would realise that you are full of energy and all the crap is out of your mind.

10. Self-Control

Get yourself away from the gadgets you are addicted to, and it’s the best way to have self-control.

All of us have this tendency to check our mobile phone in the morning when we wake up, sleep and even the whole day. Get over this, try to avoid as much as you can, and you will see that how much energised you have a self-control on your mind and body.


Try all of this, and you will see that your energy level is increased by 10 times.


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