15 Pick-Up Lines That are Worst AF

How many times have you seen someone using pickup lines that are way beyond your imagination? Or you did that by yourself?

There are two kinds of people you will find in this world, one who has that perfect style of grabbing attention and things themselves turn around him, and there is another kind who tries their best of best to get noticed, and they did this through various ways.

One of the ways is using cheesy pickup lines as their weapon. The motive behind using these kinds of lines could be anything; it could be that he wants her to laugh or maybe he is trying to be attentive.

If the person you’re using your pick up lines on, appreciates the humor (irrespective of it having any sense), then it may help you. Otherwise, it won’t take much time for you to go from “unnoticed” to “no f*ucking chance.”

Look at these lines that we have collected from various Reddit confession groups

1. “Are your parents terrorist? Because they have made a dangerous bomb!”

2. “Did you just fart? you have completely blown me away!”

3. “Are you a corn seed from the field? Because I am stalking you like a scarecrow.”

4. “I heard you’re looking for a stud. I have STD, and all I need is you.”

5. “Today I get to know the benefits of having a Library card, and it is helping me checking you out.”

6. “Are you a computer magician? You have transformed my software into hardware.”

7. “Is your name Wi-Fi? I am getting a strong connection.”

8. “Is father has a business of making Lighters? Because you have that hot spark every time, I see you.”

9. “Your breasts remind me of Mount Everest, and my hands want to trek them.”

10. “Do you have a First-Aid Box? Because I have scraped my knees and elbows falling for you!”

11. “Have you seen Transformer? You resemble like Optimus Fine.”

12. “I heard you are good at maths, Can you please multiply my down size?”

13. ” I recently lost my virginity, Can I have yours?”

14. “Have you checked the MENU they are giving? It’s ME-N-U.”

15. “Today’s word is legs, Let’s go to your or mine place and spread the word.”

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