9 ways You can Tell Him/Her That They’re More Than Just BFF

BFF is a person with whom you share a special bond, and this bond gets much stronger when he/she is from opposite gender. You don’t even realise when this BFF becomes everything to you. You used to talk with them for hours, but suddenly you just want that talks to stretch for 24*7.

What has changed now? You know the answer better. You have started fallen for your BFF, but you are too afraid to accept that fact, because even if you do, then you are afraid of his/her answer. You have a fear of losing their friendship if they don’t feel the same you do.

Here is a 12 ways list that will give you signs if your BFF also feels the same or not. If all the signs come positive then you should pop that questions ASAP and if not then also atleast tell them so that everything is clear in between you both and your friendship is not affected.

Nothing can be more beautiful when you have your BFF as your Life Partner! Don’t let them go no matter what the situation is if you are lucky enough to have a BFF and partner in the same person.

1. Travel Together

Travelling together lets you know more about each other.

Yes, even if you guys are BFF for a long time, there are things that you don’t know about each other. Like what kind of food he/she likes when you are away from your home, what is how they think of a perfect traveling trips with their partners, etc.

Engage into travel trips and start knowing about them, check whether they are most comfortable with you as a BFF or as a partner as well.

2. Drunk Calls

Booze helps you say those things that your mind stops you to say when you’re in consciousness. Though this sound very mean but get your BFF drunk and let the booze do its work and just pop a simple question of what your friend thinks about you.

3. Late Night Texts

People become an entirely different person after midnight and you must have an idea about this if you have gone for night-outs or stays. Just try to start a conversation about their feelings about you after midnight and try to give them a hint about your feelings and see their response.

4. Date/Marriage Jokes

5. Dates

If he/she goes out with you and behaves like it is a date, then don’t even take a second to think ask the question.

6. Romantic touches

A person knows when his/her BFF is teasing them by touching and when the touch has been changed into a romantic manner. If your partner does that with you, then it’s a clear indication of their complete interest in you.

7. Music Sharing

Sometimes music lyrics say what a person is afraid to do. See if your friend notices the love songs when you listen to them or if he/she do the honors of doing this with you.

8. Eye Contact

Eyes are considered as hearts mirror. If he/she also feels the same as you do then eyes will do their work, just understand the signs.

9. Blushing

If your friend blushes when you call them with the sweet gestures than this is the sign. Make sure you don’t blush when you do that.


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