Epic Pictures that Exemplify Instant Regret One Would Had

Pictures are taken for preserving memories, fun and many other purposes. Some pictures that we click becomes one of the perfect shots we had and are awesome af. But as we know life also fucks every time we think it’s going perfect, same shit happens with the images when we think of something else and end up with a horrible shot. There are times when some photos make us regret why we clicked them. These are the pictures that exemplify our regret.

1. When even nature wants to play with you and only one thing you had in your mind, Run Barry Run!

2. Over Perfection fucks you up.

3. The baby got over thrilled!

4. Luck was definitely not with him this day.

5. That’s what happens why you try to disturb someone in their rest time.

6. Snapchat live went terribly wrong.

7. And that’s why you should always rehearse before the live show!

8. That’s what exactly happens when you try to impress homegirl and it goes totally wrong.

9. Even Yoga has its limits.

10. Landing went totally wrong!

11. Kicking is injurious to health, sometimes to your own.

12. Grandpa likes to play as a team!

13. Mother of Science!

14. Bye-Bye trekking supplies!

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