12 things You didn’t Know You have Lived Without!

We, humans, have a common tendency to take everything for granted. We don’t give a fuck to something until and unless we get to know how much important that thing could be. Our involvement in social media has led us to this point that we don’t even are aware that there are products which exist and could help us in making our life more easy and comfortable.

Here’s a list of unknown-but-important things that will make you think why you didn’t know about them yet and even if you knew then why you hadn’t used them.

1. Earphones that you can easily wrap around your wrist and can use them whenever you need them. Also, it saves your time to solve them like a riddle when they get tangled in your pocket.

2. Car mount with a feature of rotating 360 degrees that are designed to help you in driving better on an open road.

3. No need to worry about the charger anymore as you can use this phone case charger which you can attach to the socket directly.

4. Camera phone lenses that help you to get rid of those expensive and giant cameras and you can easily connect these lenses as a clip on your phone.

5. Get rid of those irritating bed corners that pop out whenever someone sits by using bed sheet suspenders.

6. Now you can quickly check how much water you have been drinking throughout a day by using this easy to have tool, tumbler.

7. No need to feel discomfort with your spec, use these anti-slip glass hooks that will help you to keep your specs on.

8. You must have heard of it on social media but have you used it? An alarm clock that will run away until and unless you get up and switch it off.

The coolest way to wake up in the morning, plus you are also able to do morning warm up for the workout.

9. A smart plug that with Wi-Fi enabled, it switches off even if you have forgotten to close it or not at home.

10. Use these finger guards to protect them from oily and spicy snacks.

11. Many people have incorporated the use of these magnetic cord organiser which organises the cord at the side of the table, have you used it yet.

What do you think? How have you lived without them so far?

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