Suck at Decision Making? Check This List and Confirm It

From deciding what to wear on a date to the time to wake up for the gym, every day we make a lot of decisions; some of which are easy, but some of them are crucial.

Everything cannot be left on luck and chance and sometimes you need to roll up the sleeves and figure what the hell is going on! But not all of us are same, right? There are many among us who has a problem in making decisions. Just like some people have the power to make fabulous decisions, there are some who suck at it.

Definitely, it’s not a problem, but yes, life becomes like a battle field every damn day. From deciding the best route to avoid traffic to deciding the right office outfit, it seems universe has decided to set a theory of making their life a big mess.

Here are some common traits that you will find in the people who are not that good when it comes to decision making.

1. If you have a picture that you like most and planning to share on social media, then it’s going to take forever planning to do that.

Choosing the perfect filter, exposure, contrast, angle and the caption is likely a lot of work to do for you, right?

2. If there is a party you have to go then, it’s going to take you hours to decide what to wear.

After all, who doesn’t like to be noticed at the parties? There should be right clothes for every situation and to determine that you need time. In the end, just before you are about to enter the party you go into the dark thought that the dress you are wearing also sucks and what to do now?

3. Speaking of parties, if you have got two different party invites with both going to take place same time, then you end up going in NONE!

4. Your entire weekend is spent thinking about what to opt for? Partying or Netflix and Chill!

5. Your friends know that asking you about your favorite movie, TV or book will give them an entire list.

6. You hate google because it always shows you so many options to go a single place.

Sometimes you even thought of to ask Sundar Pichai to change this mistake.

7. Your morning workout is choosing between what to have for the breakfast? Tea or Coffee or Milk are your push-ups, and bread or cornflakes are your weight training.

8. You can never choose between tail or head, and you need a good explanation of selecting a one.

9. Gift for friends? You decide wishing them is the best option for any occasion.

10. Asking you Multiple Choice questions is like the biggest nightmare!

11. Oh boy, you will prefer wearing torn clothes rather than going on shopping alone.

12. You avoid giving orders in the restaurants.


If you think you have more such points, write them in the comment section below!

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