10 Gifs that can Scare the Shit out of You

Warning: Please read further only if you’re a brave heart person, any mishappening with low courage people is not on us.

All thanks to social media platforms, Gifs has become very popular and also a medium to express emotions. Many famous writers and philosophers have quoted that pictures are the best way to speak many things with a single medium.

Today we are talking about the Horror Gifs as you have read in the Title.

Horror is one of those genres in the entertainment industry that has never fade off and probably it will never be in the future also. All of us share a different relationship with horror, some of us are scared of it and some of us love to scare others. But there is no way that we can get rid of it.

Remember the ghost stories that our grand parents or parents used to tell in childhood, and it scared the shit out of us. Social media has also been filled up with a lot of ghost stories and incidents over the past few years.

Be it a paranormal activity news or some superstitious theories; it does give us chills. And without any further boring talk, we have scouted out the internet and collected some of the scariest gifs present on the web.

Just enjoy if you are not scared of these and tag one of your friends who is afraid of ghost and say nothing.

1. What if you’re in your washroom and on a video call with your partner to have some romantic moments and he/she sees this kind of thing?

Romance will turn into horror break-up.

2. Imagine, you are entering your house after a long hectic day at the office, and you see a human on the ceiling or front wall crawling towards you.

3. Never ever wake up in the middle of the night when it’s 3 AM, and you hear some movements under your bed. Pull your bed sheets and cover yourself in it or else you will be as much terrified as you are after seeing this gif.

4. You better run faster than Usain Bolt if you see something like this coming at you!

5. I would say leave your partner as it is if you have any doubt of him/her being in possession of any spirit, better than experiencing something like this.

6. Consider yourself very brave? Tell us what will you do if you see hanging legs just ahead of your car in the middle of the night on a highway and that too moving along-with you at the same speed.

7. Keep the lights on forever if this is what you see in your home!

8. Don’t even think of staying in a house like this where objects turn into ghosts and start running towards you.

9. If this what you see when you click a picture with your DSLR, then stop photography and run for your life.

10. Did you see something or should we say someone in the dark?

Do you believe in ghost? Or have you ever faced something like this? Tell us what you feel in the comment section below!



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