11 Ugly Habits that Can Hit Your Relationship With Negativity

Succesful relationships are not just about going on a romantic date and giving a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, nor they are about rainbows and butterflies. It’s about how you make the other person feel healthy and happy, and a healthy relationship requires respect, communication and plenty of good habits that should come from both people.

So when you are in a relationship then avoid these 11 ugly habits that can hit it with negativity and creates differences between you too.

1. Faults in the Family

There may be situations when there is clashing of heads between you both but don’t let the focus shift on the family flaws ever. Getting criticism for one’s family members could make your partner feel depressed and hostile, no matter what they think about their family but nobody likes to listen to even a word from the third person even if it’s you.

2. Public Fights

Just like S3x can not be done in public, fights should never take place on streets. Yelling at your partner in public can make them feel embarrassed and also make people around you feel awkward. Do fight and clear things but take that to private, lease.

3. Not speaking at Right time

Okay, accept the fact that another person can’t read your mind, no matter how much he/she understands you they would not be knowing what the heck is going on in your mind until and unless you share it with them verbally. So anytime if you feel up that there is something wrong that is going on, speak up at that point don’t even keep it for later talks. Pour your heart out, and he/she will listen to it, and the things will be smooth in your relationship rather than keeping things from each other, what it does is only creates differences between the two.

4. Don’t keep score

It’s good if you both like to be independent and don’t want this kind of money tensions between you both. Don’t even keep score of how much you paid the last time or he/she paid. None of you is liable to someone, nor you have signed for any accounting classes. The only this it causes is chaos in the relationship.

5. Don’t take him/her for granted

Remember why you are in the relationship with that special someone? You love them a lot. So showing them gratitude and paying attention to that person will only make your relationship stronger.

Always remember why you love that special someone. Showing gratitude and paying attention to that good person by your side will only make the relationship stronger

6. Don’t Lie to your partner

Of course, there is a wiggle room for small lies like, “Hey honey, that brownie you made was spectacular!” but white lies can add up and ruin your relationship that should be built on honesty.

7. Compare to tease not to make them guilt

Comparing your partner to a star of someone else to tease them is ok but you should be aware when that tease is becoming guilt. Stop comparing if your partner is not comfortable with that, everyone has some special qualities, start finding what’s their speciality instead of focusing on comparing them with others speciality.

8. Don’t let jealousy to take over you

Relationship insecurity is one of the larger problems which is occurred due to the doubt on the partner. Avoid social media when it comes to staying away from the negativity that leads you to doubt on your partner.

9. Never Spy on your partner

There is something that we call personal space but few partners tend to forget these two words. It’s ok if you love your partner a lot and want to know everything but there is a thin line in any relationship that you should maintain and this thin line is known as a key of trust. Don’t snoop through bedroom drawers, emails or texts in your partners’ personal life.

10. Don’t be Melodramatic!

Nothing is perfect in this world, not even a relationship. There is no need of Melo drama in every scenario if your partner forgets to give you a goodnight kiss on messages that doesn’t mean he/she is not interested in you any more or they are talking to someone else. It gives you nothing but a sense of negativity about the another person. Take a deep breath and try to take things calmly and if you think that your partner is not going to change then you should consider the point of changing the partner.

11. Forgetting to Forgive

Over the time somewhere we have forgotten what the true meaning of forgiveness is. Our ego has taken the control on our forgiveness nature. People make mistakes but holding them for long as grudges is also a mistake which only hurts a relationship in long.

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