16 Reasons Why Dating an Artist is an Awesome Thing

If you’re one of those, who think that dating an artist is the weirdest thing then trust me you have not met a real artist yet. It’s super cool, be it their sense of humour or their that element of surprise, there are plenty of qualities one can easily fall for.

But I get it; you won’t agree, that’s why I have enlisted some of their qualities an artist possess.

1. You will find them to be available 24*7 unless they are busy neck-deep in a project.

2. They will put their all effort to keep you because settling with anything less is not in their dictionary.

3. You don’t get to know about any gadget for ages, but they know all about it, even before its launch news.

4. They believe that there should be an Undo button in real life to make things more perfect.

5. You will never have to worry about sleeping taunts, in fact, they are AF sleepy as you and can beat you too.

6. Their cooking skills will always be an artistic explosion on your plate.

7. They have more knowledge about s3x, more than Kamasutra.

8. You will always get legit opinions as they first analyse every situation.

9. You will find them always creating something, be it your wrong clothing style they will not judge for that, rather they will give you brand new ideas on how you can make the best out of it and look super sexy!

10. Your home walls will never be plain; you can always ask them to make some awesome graffiti.

11. They can always tell you which side of you looks good in the picture.

12. Be ready to get gift cards or gifts on every occasion.

13. From kissing to making love to sweet romance they are really passionate, they tend to give their all in it.

14. They are so imaginative that you can simply call them the best story tellers and they are so good at it that you will never have to listen to twice the same old story.

15. Surprise! is the word you will find in every sentence.

16. They are gifted with this special kind of sense of humour.

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