We Dare You to Drive on these Most Dangerous and Fascinating Roads of the World

It would be an understatement if we just call them roads. These are the deadliest roads that are every driver’s nightmare but at the same time it needs steady hands and a mind that does not deviates for an even fraction of seconds.

Many amongst us are always in search of such adventurous routes and, i.e. why here’s a list of deadliest roads in the world that you can dare to drive.

1. Kabul – Jalalabad Road ( Afghanistan)

Also known as the direct gateway to hell, this route is the Taliban territory, but that’s not the only reason bypassers should be worried of. Narrow roads, landslides and truck drivers who are always in a hurry to overtake are the main reasons this route is top in the list.

2. Stelvio Pass ( Italy )

Famous with the name of The Alps second highest paved mountain, the pass is located at 9050 feet height. Even though there are barriers at the corners of the pass, still they are not that much high and vigorous enough to terminate any devastation, if happened.

Your one wrong turn or move is ample enough to throw you and your vehicle straight down the cliff. Every year many cases of accidents are reported.

3. North Yungas Road ( Bolivia )

Suicide is less painful than driving on roads of North Yungas. The Government has not even secured the road by barriers, and that’s why every year nearly 200-300 deaths occur which can be easily prevented.

4. Zoji Pass ( India )

The pass remains closed during the winter season due to the risk of disasters. It is one of the major routes that provide the link between Kashmir and Ladakh. Many missing cases are often registered as there is no emergency supply on this route.

5. Atlantic Ocean Road ( Norway)

A beautiful road which can easily turn into a dreadful nightmare. During storms, this eight bridge connecting route gets hit by massive waves and untamed winds which make driving almost impossible as you don’t know which wave can flush you off the road.

6. Guoliang Tunnel ( China )

To get the access to the village, local villagers hollowed this mountain from sides but now this tunnel is used as a transportation route, and many trucks and buses travel through the cavities.

7. Khardungla Pass ( Jammu and Kashmir )

Situated at 18000 ft. above the sea level, only compensation one would get after driving on these roads is the fantastic and majestic views. Otherwise, it’s a road to hell, and travelers can easily find the wreckage of trucks and cars down the valley which is scary as fuck.

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