Know Your Sun Sign? Now know which GoT House You Belong to According to Your Sign.

Since our love for Game of throne goes beyond the wall, there are always plenty of reasons to become a fan of GoT again and again.

Now as we all know there is no more episode to wait for, till the new season comes out in 2019, what we are left is to either watch the old seasons or read the memes on social media until new trend comes.

But there is one more thing that we all have dreamt of since the season 1. GoT has introduced us the four houses, Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons, Targaryens, that has ruled 7 kingdoms of Westeros and we have often thought as to which house we could have belonged to.

So to help you out here is a simple thing you have to do is just know your sun sign.

1. LEO – House of Lannister

Leo’s in the house; you guys are strong, proud and bold. You are natural rulers, and your ego needs constant flattery and adoration. You tend not changing your opinion or decision about others once made, just like Tywin Lannister.

2. Libra – House of Tyrell

We all know about the Margaery Tyrell charm and cleverness, people born under this sign have a charm and gift to make others feel important. They are born diplomats and a sign of long lasting partnership.

3. Virgo – The Nights’ Watch

You don’t care for someone opinion about them, no matter how much someone makes fun or laugh. You are hardworking, brave and a symbol of service. You have the power to bring orders in chaos.

4. Scorpio – The Dothraki

Being strong, faithful and fierce is the qualities you guys possess. Known for brooding and vengeful personalities, you guys can endure through tough times and achieve greatness if you engage all your positive energy. Khal Drogo would be the best example if you associate the qualities with GoT.

5. Pisces – House of Tully

With the ability to know what is going on deep down in you, Pisceans are compassionate, sensitive and trusting. Oftenly their blind trust lead them to downfall as we have seen during the red wedding in GoT.

6. Aquarius- House of Stark

You people are independent, loyal, and don’t like to follow the crowd. Having the great ambitions of doing things that are important and meaningful you are kind and humanitarians at heart.

7. Capricorn – House of Mormont

Brave, Practical, Driven by admiration are some of the qualities you possess. You are patient, practical and determined to win one way or other. Ser Jorah Mormont ticks all the boxes here.

8. Sagittarius – House of Martell

Highly optimistic you people can just breeze through life. You are restless and prize your freedom above all. You can look at Oberyn Martell for example due to his extravagant believe in living the day.

9. Cancer – House of Greyjoy

Like the Greyjoys, Cancerians can often be grumpy and cold in their behavior understandable and soft underneath their tough exterior. Just like a crab never approach its goals directly Greyjoys also follow the same approach.

10. Gemini – House of Frey

Although you people are known to be a loyal bunch, you are not afraid to change sides if promises are not kept. Geminis are cunning, patient and sometimes show-offs.

11. Taurus – House of Baratheon

People born under this sign are known for their dependability, strength, and perseverance. Though you tend to be stubborn at the same time, you are faithful as well with your friends.

12. Aries – House of Targaryen

You are natural born leaders who do not like to take orders, No doubt you can take Daenerys Targaryen as a prime example. You are courageous, independent and natural born leaders.

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