10 Useful Psychological Facts that Every Teenager Should know about

All of us has studied in school that our brain is the most complex parts of our body as it is composed of more than 100 billion neurons. These neurons helpĀ our body to take actions, speech, response and many other functions.

We often think that whatever happening don’t have our control and we have to follow the destiny, but thanks to some genius minds in this world that they have discovered few tricks through which we can control our thoughts and actions.

Here are some psychological tricks that can help you in the long run if you master them.

Students who wish to make notes on the laptop have a lower understanding of the material than those who write longhand notes.

So next time if you are asked to make notes use notepad instead of a laptop or any gadget.

We often face low performances, but we don’t know that those low performances are because of our low expectations with ourselves.

Aim for higher expectations, and you will see the difference in your performance level as well.

If you wish to make better decisions, then start thinking in a foreign language.

According to researchers, the reason behind our quality of decisions is often our emotions attached to the native language. But when we start thinking in a foreign language, the lack of emotional connection helps to think clearly.

Consider adding Blue colour food in your diet if you wish to lose weight because blue is an appetite suppressant.

Talking to yourself can improve your mental recall and concentration powers.

Accepting Your negative emotions can help you to regain and maintain peace in mind.

Don’t run away from your negativity, try to accept, and you will see a positivity in yourself.

To improve self-control one can opt some daily exercises such as improving posture, using non-dominant hand for tasks or altering verbal behaviour.

Children learn moreĀ deceptive behaviour, such as often lying, to avoid the trouble of getting scold by strict parents.

Next time if your child does something wrong, try to talk with him for the reason he/she did so instead of scolding them.

If you want someone to like you, then don’t do them a favour, instead convince them to do a favour to you and you will see the magic.

Don’t pressurise yourself to feel upbeat because as a result, you will only feel downbeat.

Try to embrace your darker moods so that you can feel better in the longer run.

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