10 Thoughts You have when Your Maid Leaves You

Maids. Those beautiful creatures which are given to us as a gift from God. They make our life simple, sorted and easier. But what if your maid leaves you? It hurts more than a breakup with your partner.

Your mind becomes like a Hitchcock movie, where you’re living in a dirty house, clothes are left piled up, and weird animal you didn’t know existed in your house start popping on your clothes.

Basically, these are the thoughts you start having in your mind.

1. You ask yourself several times that is there any way you can clean your house while sitting on a couch and watching Game of Thrones.

2. You calculate the time period after which you will run out of fresh clothes to wear.

No maid = No washing = You becoming caveman

3. You save that one set of clothes to wear on some important day by wearing that dirty clothes for weeks.

I think I wore them for two weeks, that means I still have one week left to wear them.

4. You behave like you are orphan when you start looking for new maid so that they get ready to work.

5. You start behaving like she was not your bai but was your bae.

6. And soon you forgot that you used to have a neat and clean house.

7. You decide that you need to be independent and strong.

8. You miss someone who complains just like your mother how dirty you are.

9. You get to know some alien kind of facts

10. You constantly ask her Why me? Why have I done? Shall we go for Counselling?

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