10 Experiences You Had When There Was Only One Television and a House Full of People To Watch.

Thanks to our smart phones and laptops we are stuck into our rooms and have the luxury to watch anything on the internet. But there used to be a time when all of this was not available and to have an entertainment there was only one Television in the house. A house full of people who had different likes and dislikes when it comes to shows.

Today we are talking about those experiences only when there was only one Television and a house full of people.

1. If it’s about who would be having the remote control, then there is a confirmed World War III.

Because if you can’t have then no one else has the right to have it either.

2. There used to be an excel sheet containing the time slots to watch shows at a particular hour.

And we all know how useful excel sheets were.

3. Even if you have got the chance to watch your favorite show then their your family members always ready to annoy you with their gossips.

Though you don’t speak these two words because you know, then you would’ve to listen to a whole list of things they asked you to do and you didn’t.

4. If there was a special episode, you have to watch but you couldn’t because at the same time your mothers’ daily soap was also aired.

5. You used to keep a constant eye on your siblings so that they won’t be able to use your time slot.

6. The age-old lecture from your parents about the TV’s slowly progressing death.

7. And your responsibilities to let your younger brother/sister watch their cartoon show.

8. The constant volume check by everyone passing by.

9. Your melodrama of scaring when your dad/mom caught you watching an adult film late night.

10. Lastly, when you all watch an emotional movie together.

If you’re not watching TV with your family, then you’re missing some really good memories.

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