16 Rules We All Need to Remember While Socailizing

We have learned innumerable rules and manners to be a better individual in real life. From being independent to never be rude, there are many golden life-lessons that our parents, teachers, and elders have taught us.

But the sad part is as we grew up we just remember all of these in just our memories but never apply them in real life.

Have you thought that a major part of adulting is knowing how to behave sensible and mature?

When was the last time you actually took some time to slow down in your fast paced life and looked at some rules that you need to remember while socializing?

Here is a reminder crash course you can do now:

1. Never brag about how much money you earn.


2. People who stare at someone just because they find them attractive are known as creepy. If you really find someone attractive then go up and try to talk to them instead!

3. Maintain a habit of saying ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ whenever needed.

4. Pointing out on someone’s hair or acnes or any other disease is not a good thing.

5. Speaking loudly on speakers in public is considered as a bad thing.

6. Just because few people are not earning as much, you give you right to talk to them rudely. Respect each and every people you meet throughout the day.

7. There is no need to bath with perfumes and deodorants, try using normal water for that. Apply these only for good fragrances.

8. Don’t refuse a mint if someone is offering that might mean that you have a bad breath.

9. Don’t nag someone constantly, if they are not in a mood to talk it would irritate them more.

10. Don’t justify your compliment every time, instead, try saying a simple thank you.

11. No matter how close you are with someone always pay your share or try to pay full amounts alternatively.

12. Don’t spy on someone’s phone without their permission; they have given you cell phone to look a particular thing not the entire phone.

13. If someone is not good with communication skills, try and correct them politely and help them in improving instead of making fun.

14. Looking at your phone while someone is talking to you is not good.

15. You’ve spent a lot of time in cooking for your guest don’t make them obliged to eat all of it.

16. If you have a point, then keep it for the end instead of interrupting every time in between.

Not that difficult to remember, right?

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