Why Turning 30 Doesn’t Mean The End of World?

Today’s generation is not scared of anything, you throw us towards the pack of wolves, and we will come back leading them.

The world has given an outstanding term to us who are born after the 80s, “Millenials,” you through us any challenge or take us to scariest places we won’t hesitate. We are capable enough to let ourselves out of comfort zone to achieve anything we urge.

Gone those days when “age is just a number” means everything to us. Turning 30 is the biggest fear we have now.

Why turning 30 is like a premium on age?

Back in the college, we all have eyes filled with wild dreams. We wished to accomplish so many things which have endless possibilities. Ever thought, were we the sanest of people?

But as those college years pass on, academic pressure, heartbreaks, job competition, canned trips were few of the things that life started to throw on us, and we didn’t plan for this.

We knew life would not be easy and we have to hustle hard. So why now we worry about the fact of turning 30?

Just think, how much can we really accomplish by 30, considering that studies wrap up by 22-23? It is blatantly unfair to expect ourselves to sort out life in next 6-7 years.

If not this then what do you think should be done?

The moment you start your first job or business and earn some money, spend it to figure out yourself. Be it trying different career fields, falling in love, again and again, traveling or trying new businesses, do all of it to nourish your mind, soul and body.

You might want to break all barriers and counters you face because the world will anyhow put you in a box eventually saying you can’t do it or doing the wrong thing.

You have to accept the fact that no matter how much efforts you put there will be next thing ready to disappoint you.

Basically, all the childhood plans during the school or college time you had of having a car by 24, your own home by 27, a beautiful wife by 29 were all bull shit and you are fucked up in real life.

By the time you turn 24, you have realized that paying monthly bills are difficult, forget about buying a car. Dream of owning a house by 27 shattered long back, because you know that having a stable job is difficult then how you will pay EMIs.

So what does all this mean?

Your 20s are not the best time for you to make it, it’s the time of indulgence.

Experiment, succeed or fail learn from both, Enjoy life by doing whatever you like to do. Test all the weapons in your armor while you are in your 20’s because on the other side of 30’s, the real fight will begin.


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