Ever Been a Third Wheel on Somebody’s Date? There are Certain Situation That We All Face

How many times have you helped your friend as a third wheel to get them a date?

Or the worst scenario, even gone with them on their quirky dates and faced certain awkward situations?

We all have experienced it at some point.

You have now become an expert in lying, thanks to your friends, because whenever they asked you to come over, you said excuses like, “You will look odd between them, You are ill, You have work to do, etc.

But even after a lot of coaxing you end up hanging out with them.

If you have ever experienced this or seen this happening, this list will pour your heart out, without apologies.

1.Your brain has smacked now with all lovers’ lingo of Shona, baby, bae, sweetu, babe.

2. That Secret Smiles you see and don’t understand the logic of inviting you if they have to do secret talks.

3. You’re bored of the shit of let’s look into each other eyes.

4. Their weird couple jokes which they know will make you feel left out, but they can’t resist of cracking them.

5. That over affection they show you so that you will come next time also.

6. You wish every time the plan to be canceled when you got an invite from your couple friends.

7. You always want to say this to your friends, but you control yourself.

8. You feel awkward when your friends try to steal kisses thinking you will not notice.

9. You got irritated at the next level when the conversation you all had is about their life only.

10. You try to run away when there is an argument heated up.

11. Worst Part! When you have to pick a side.

12. When they keep blabbering about how much happy they are in your company.

13. Thanks to your couple friends, you get aware of the fact that you are single and probably gonna die along with the tag.

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